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Fender Precision Bass 2020 Lake Placid Blue

How is it measured, and why is it important? The fingerboard radius is the measure of that curvature. Most classical guitars, resonator guitars, banjos, pedal steel guitars and some steel-string acoustic guitars, for example, have flat fingerboards. For example, if you take a circle with a 9. If you take the same fingerboard width from the circumference of a circle with a larger radius, you now have a slightly flatter fingerboard radius. The lower the measurement, the greater the curvature, and vice versa.

If all this sounds like a scary flashback to high school geometry class, these calculations do serve a serious purpose.

2020 09 dnkh fender precision bass neck radius

Fingerboard radius is an important spec because it impacts playability. A smaller more curved radius is generally perceived as more comfortable for playing chords; a larger less curved radius is generally considered better for single-note playing and bending. Fender has a few of its own well-established fingerboard radius conventions.

Precision Bass

These have evolved over the years, and a few different ones are available today that reflect various player preferences, such as vintage authenticity, modern playability and even specialized compound-radius designs in which the amount of curvature changes along the length of the fingerboard. Today, most Fender electric instruments use one of two main fingerboard radius measurements. Most prevalent is the modern 9. The next most common fingerboard radius, 7.

The 7. It never really went away completely, but its prevalence was superseded in the modern era by the slightly more flattened 9.

Diagram illustrating the concept of fingerboard radius. Other fingerboard radii are seen on current Fender electric instruments far less often. About three dozen currently available Fender electric instruments feature a compound-radius fingerboard in which the degree of curvature gradually changes along the length of the neck, with the arc greatest near the headstock and gradually but not completely flattening toward the body end of the fingerboard. Such a fingerboard, for example, may have a 9.

The advantage of a compound-radius fingerboard is that some guitarists find the more rounded radius near the headstock preferable for chording and the more flattened radius near the body preferable for soloing. On instruments with compound-radius fingerboards, string height is typically set to match the fingerboard radius basically in the middle of the scale length; i. Tech Talk. What Is Fingerboard Radius? Learn how it affects playability and comfort.

By Jeff Owens.This seller has not set a shipping cost for Russian Federation. Please contact them to ask about shipping. I wanted to build the absolute best P-Bass using nothing but the best parts. I selected the US 60's Re-issue body as the starting point. This is an amazing solid Alder body in stunning Lake Placid Blue. The neck is a American Performer neck and is honestly one of the nicest P-Bass necks I have ever seen.

2020 09 dnkh fender precision bass neck radius

It is comfortable and features a light flame to the maple. Both were new parts and in new, unused condition. The control cavitiy and pickup cavities were professionally shielded with high quality shielding paint. The tone is all classic P-Bass with absolutely no noise. This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.

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Demystifying Fender Neck Sizes Based On Letter Designations

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Precision Bass. Lake Placid Blue.Although bass guitar necks can be built to any number of different sizes and shapes, more often than not a player does take the letter designation of the neck into consideration when shopping especially if buying online unplayed. Where it gets really confusing however is that a letter designation can refer to the neck shape OR the nut width.

The modern Fender American Standard Precision Bass is a guitar with a B neck with a Modern C neck shape, with B referring to nut width, and Modern C referring to the curve shape of the back of the neck. Fender neck shapes can be C, U, or V, and these letters literally refer to how the back of the neck is not only shaped but also how it looks. This means a C does have a shape similar to that of a letter C, a V actually looks like a letter V on the back, and so on.

Tip: Looking for tuners that will fit your Fender neck? Not true. Old-style C is much different compared to the flatter Modern C. Probably the U.

What Is Fingerboard Radius?

The chunkiest neck shape is without question the U. In addition, the older 7. Not exactly a Hard V and not exactly a Soft, but right in the middle. And yes, learned players that know their Fender vintage necks can feel the subtle difference between a Soft V and a Medium V.

Better luthiers know the old-style letter designations for Fender nut widths. Jazz Bass nut is 1.

2020 09 dnkh fender precision bass neck radius

I just measured both of mine. The older P basses were the 1. How bout the head stocks? It was SO wide and, with a inch fingerboard radius, SO flat that I removed the frets, reduced the width to that of a B neck, and radiused it to 7. NOW it plays like a Fender! Hi, is there a fender jazz bass neck that cld fit a Fender Dimension body Especially a 5er Or a graphite neck ie.

Factory standard for Jazz basses is 1. Any help is appreciated. Fret size has nothing to do with fret buzz. Tall frets, short frets, wide frets, narrow frets. If they are dressed accurately, the buzz factor will be the same at a given action height and attack. Ask Frankie, Our Bass Tech.Discussion in ' Basses [BG] ' started by solitarioFeb 28, Fender precision pre CBS neck radius?

Feb 28, 1. Oct 13, Spain. Hi I would like to know the neck radius on a pre CBS precision c shape neck. Btw pre CBS precisions were mare sold alder or ash? One piece body or 2 or 3 pieces?

Thank you.

Rosewood vs Maple Fretboard - P Bass neck comparison

Feb 28, 2. Dec 22, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Fender never did one piece bodies. There might be the odd CS one off's but I think the census is they never used 1 piece bodies in manufacturing. I believe it was ash but I am not certain. I don't know if they still use the same radius so somebody will probably correct me, but I always know a P-bass as a 9.

I wasn't around back in the day though. Feb 28, 3. Oct 4, Michigan. Fender 50s reissues have a 7. I would think that would be close. Feb 28, 4. Jul 13, Southern MN. The measure of the curvature of the top of the fretboard from edge to edge is often incorrectly referred to as the "neck radius". Actually, the correct terminology would be either "fretboard" or "fingerboard radius" and the actual neck shape and size should be called "neck profile".

Feb 28, 5. I think neck profile was c if I'm not wrong but I would like to know both, profile and radius. Feb 28, 6.If you prefer the vintage look and feel this is the neck for you. It has never been played.

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2020 09 dnkh fender precision bass neck radius

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