Private First Class. As I know of some people who would like to do that and have already accompanied a few in the retrofit I thought I'm doing a short HowTo to the extent of retrofitting this. Apart from that it could be a expensive retrofit, it is one of the most useful retrofits available for me and for those who have a rather bare F3x very interesting as it opens the doors not only to SLI but also to the high beam assistant and 5AS Driving Assist.

First of all, if you try this yourself, I assume no liability for damage because you should know what you do! If you have HUD nice, but is not compulsory. Year of construction is also rather secondary as long as previous requirements are met. Same for selective beam feature.

bmw sli retrofit

Since you also handle in the effective range of the head airbag in this retrofit you should ideally be from the subject. Either with HUD or without. But they are very expensive.

Currently is 9but 6 6 6 9 9 9 are also fine. We will use this fact here. Ideally, the new windshield is already in the car when you start working. Since the interior mirror is already dismantled by this fact, we do not need to disassemble it. Why it is like that?

BMW Speed Limit Information Retrofit Option 8TH

Also dismantle the A pillar trim left, footwell trim left and right below to A pillar, footwell trim under steering wheel and glove box. If you want to lay the cables properly, the Head Unit and everything that has to get out for it also need to be dismantled. If you have rear view or surround view also the TRSVC ecu in the driver's footwell left side must be removed. Then you put the cable in the headliner over to the left A pillar and then down the A pillar into the driver's footwell.

It is very important to make sure that the cable can never get in the way of the head airbag if it should open. Otherwise, this could have extremely unpleasant consequences.Sign in.

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All Categories. Review by Bxxxr NL. Shipment to the Netherlands went quite fast. The module came exactly as on the picture so with a half Chinese manual but the physical installation is easy and the photos explains enough. Works really well View all reviews. Product Description. This Emulator use display limit data embedded in navigation map on cluster or head up display HUD.

Not plug and play! Important Note:. Please make sure you know installation before ordering. The product do not accept replaced except from quality problems. View more. Bxxxr NL.

for bmw speed Limit Information SLI Emulator for BMW NBT Retrofit NBT F3/F5/F7/X5/x6

Works really well :- 24 May The emulator work correctly after fdl coding, the only thing cheep is the connection cluster side, the contact work but the secure block not do it's work. It is working as it should. Google Play App Store.

All rights reserved.Super excited!! I really wanted this feature but understood it was only available in the Driving Assistance packages which I was not interested in. When I asked about the additional service I was told the minimum option for this service would be Driving Assistance package AND folding mirrors, neither options I ordered!

Also, does anyone know if the speed limit display is based on the Sat Nav database or other recognition? I believe it is the same camera module used for adaptive lights. If you have those, it could potentially be a simple coding option. Definitely works off the camera and sat nav in mine Whilst we should all know what the speeds should be, it works well in conjunction with the physical speed limiter in the car to keep on right side of the law. I understood the car had completed its PDC so hopefully the feature remains on collection day It can't be totally camera based though, as it gets confused if you drive over a motorway bridge for instance.

Once the hardware is available assume the simple coding updates. Does anyone else have the speed limit information with HUD and no driving assistance packages? As well as HUD And surprised how well it works.

BMW Retrofits | CIC Navigation | NBT Navigation | Combox | ConnectedDrive |

I had it on my last car, it was the only option that I considered an absolute necessity on my new one. It should be standard kit really. My old man has an F34 and it does not have ACC. My colleague has a volvo that does exactly the same thing. I did order Adaptive Cruise so can only assume it is added as a feature.

Must be codable in that case, ive read on other forums that it is easily done on G series cars as all have a KAFAS camera for the Active Security stuff. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Speed Limit Display? Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted February 15, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 16, edited. Edited February 16, by Johnyboy.

Posted February 16, Not bothered about ACC looking at the picture it maybe able to be coded. Posted February 17, edited. Posted February 17, Adaptive Cruise has nothing to do with Speed Limit Display. Posted March 12, All is good and working fine! Will be attempting tonight.Speed Limit Information will display the speed limit of road, on the speedometer. If unsure, you can send us your VIN number, picture of your speedometer and windshield.

If you have any questions, doubts or simply want to know more — Please contact us. Watch SLI Video. It will automatically update and display the correct road speed when you drive, to ensure you are aware of the speed limit of the road.

Extremely useful feature considering the insurance rise due to points on your license, if you get caught speeding! This clever activation can save you from getting points on your licence and also keep you safe.

We can remotely connect to your car and activate this feature for you. The requirements for remote coding are below. If unsure, please contact us. Note: Some cars might have had a replacement windshield so the logo might not be there. Please note. Once we have got it, we will contact you to book a suitable time to remotely activate this feature.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Previous Product. F Series e. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Tweet This Product. Quick View. Close Menu.Just follow these 5 steps: 1 Press the button and pull out the car key in the direction as indicated by the arrow:. Your key fob has been disassembled, exposing the CR battery.

Time to source for a good CR battery and swap it in! Works on your key fob too!

bmw sli retrofit

Makes your air con much colder! For your safety - not recommended! Recently, I just received my front brake pad service alert on my BMW. It is triggered when there is about km mileage left.

On your iDrive, you will receive this alert to warn you about brake pad going to be worn out. To reset this alert after you had replaced your brake pads: 1 Press and hold the odometer button. It will turn 0 km mileage and then goes back to previous mileage again.

It comes with paddle shift and sports tuned automatic transmission. So what does it really means? A quick check in the internet shows that it is an option for BMW i series car. That doesn't mean the lower capacity can't have this Sports Automatic Transmission 2TB enabled right? Our standard configuration comes with VO code which stands for "Automatic Transmission".

Obviously, you need to ensure that your steering wheel is equipped with the paddle shift as well. To be equipped with paddle shift, you can replace your current steering wheel with a M Sport steering wheel with paddle shift or purchase the paddle shift and drill some holes on your steering wheel Ouch!

The "sports" steering wheel that comes as default does not provide the option to retrofit your paddle shift nicely. You have to purchase a different set of steering wheel that comes with paddle shift as standard. As for the Sports automatic transmission, you will need to set this mode in the EGS module.

This will suppose to give you a sportier ride with quicker gear shift at certain RPM which I really need your feedback once you had enable it in your car. Right after I finished with the coding, my pal locked the car and the car alarm was triggered. This surprises me as I didn't expect the alarm to sound when the car is lock and suspect that the coding has screwed it up. I went on to revert back all the changes but the alarm still goes off once the car is locked.

This is a new lesson that I learned today and I hope you will find it useful to know! Note that the procedure is also applicable to enable "Enhanced Bluetooth" feature or other VO code procedure. The modules that are required to be coded will be different though. Look no further! Here it goes! Taking out the airbag from MSport steering wheel:.

bmw sli retrofit

Step Note the hole behind the MSport steering wheel. Release the airbag from the MSport steering wheel by using the flat bed screw driver or metal rod to push the pin that holds the airbag. Repeat step 2 on the other hole. The airbag will pop out and then be released from the MSport steering wheel. Take out the airbag and store it carefully. Now your MSport steering wheel is ready for your install! Taking out the airbag from stock steering wheel:.You need to identify your car to check compatibility.

Compatibility with this product can only be confirmed after entering your VIN. Keeping the navigation system up-to-date is one of the most important tasks of BMW owners.

Navigation Upgrades for BMW

Why is it important? And this is exactly what BimmerTech offers. If you have an older Navigation System Professionallike CCC, it means that your vehicle has rather limited functionalities. It replaces the screen, BMW iDrive controller knob with the control panel, head unit and other iDrive parts. More importantly, the CIC retrofit adds more useful features to your car like saving information to a hard drive, playing music through an AUX port as well as the latest BMW map update.

If your vehicle is compatible, you can buy the iDrive controller replacement separately. It comes with an iDrive touch module. The control knob itself has a touch-sensitive pad with handwriting recognition. Navigation Upgrades for BMW.

F90 M5 G30 5 Series BMW Hidden Menu Tutorial

You need to identify your car to check compatibility Not compatible with your [[vincheck]] Compatible with your [[vincheck]] Compatibility with this product can only be confirmed after entering your VIN. Average Rating. Compatible with:.My questions are the following: 1 Could you please indicate the appropriate wiring schematic to be considered from your Installation Manual Rev.

I mean, that the Kafas Camera would work and establishes priority in displaying read signals which differ from the info stored in the navigation maps.

Please indicate. Have you already checked and tested in other F10s with such DKombi? Hope to receive your clarifications. Thank you in advance. Please confirm. Let me share my retrofit situation and need to get additional info. I have purchased FSC code and installed. Special thanks to Shawn and Gerry But still no functioned by camera recognizing. Or let me know below parameter value. I welcome PM too. Downside is that you will get errors because the car wont have options like lane departure warning, high beam assist etc Or you would need to retrofit all of this, :.

And this is the road BMW is going to make it harder for us to retrofit options. But that would be lots of work to figure out what to code out and what to leave in for sli. And if brought to the dealer for update the coding settings would all be gone again thus popping up errors.

The car has the kafas2 camera installed, i've pm'ed neo if it is possible to add sli on the active tourer with his module. May I know how much you paid for the fsc code? You can pm me the price. PM sent.