Type is a dark, tall and handsome freshman. His life turns up side down when the new year of college brings along a very interesting person in his life โ€”a gay roommate, Tharn.

See, thatโ€™s what the app is perfect for.

Tharn is a very handsome music major with fair skin and mixed features. He is also openly gay. With a gay guy and a guy who hates gay men that have to share a small space together for the rest of the year โ€” what can possibly be the outcome of their story?

Or maybe love? Edit Translation.

Everything you should know about โ€˜TharnTypeโ€™ season 2

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Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 8. Reviews: 97 users. Related Content Love by Chance Thai parent story. TharnType 2 Thai sequel. Why R U? Thai side story. Add Cast. Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat Tharn.

Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong Type. Hiter Natthad Kunakornkiat Tum.I think though, sexual preference should be minimized as a point of reference and assess an actor based on performance. Zee Pruk as Fighter epitomizes the jock. And the deep friendship that exists between Zee and Saint actually works for the series rather than against it as some wants us to believe. LINEtv ranking of the most viewed series as of March 10 First of all, congratulations that the top 3 are all BL series.

It takes a lot of factors for success. For 2getherseries grabbing 1 is a pleasant surprise and it validates the level of excitement people share for this drama and the cast. UWMA series gets 2. I think because it is for the emotional rollercoaster ride viewers have had since episode 1.

While the cast โ€” for me โ€” has the most complexity, the UWMA boys has the most demanding, thus the loyalty of viewers. J9 Joong and Nine and the 4 other stars of 2Moons Season 3 star in a travelogue show! Promo below:. The cast of EN of Love together in this awesome clip! An all-inclusive, all-in-one is a combination of all three quorum, with a compilation behind a poster that draws all three pairs into the same image, saying that this work is a mess, and there is more.

Go look!! Watch it here! The production team, led by author Mame just announced the pre-production of Season 2 of the popular series. According to many sources, Season 1 covers Books of 5 volumes, therefore, there are plenty more from the original source.

We have yet to find out if Tharn Mew Suppasit and Type Gulf Kanawut will have primary focus as before or if the new season will highlight other couples.

gulf kanawut twitter

Fluke Pongsakorn gets ready for My Ride series workshop! So the cast of My Ride has started to do an acting workshop! Great news since the last update relates to the casting choices. Fluke Pongsakorn looks excited as per the above photo he tweeted!Type Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong and Tharn Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat are both college freshmen who happen to be sharing a dorm room together.

Tharn is openly gay and when Type finds out, he completely freaks out. Much drama ensues, but eventually, the boys end up in a relationship. As season one of the show concluded in earlythere was much speculation around whether the show had a future.

The 12th episode ended on a happy note with all story arcs nicely tied up, so it seemed that a second season was unlikely. Then, fans were treated to a movie-length special episode that aired in Thailand in movie theaters only, but was later subtitled in English and released to the international community through a paid link on Vimeo. Although fans had been screaming for a second season for months, the creators of the show remained silent on the issue.

It seemed like that was it for TharnType: The Series. However, at a fan service event last weekend, the creators announced that the show has been picked up for a second season.

The announcement sent fans into a frenzy, both in Thailand and all around the world. When the announcement dropped in Thailand, the creators of the show also announced that all the cast from season one would be returning for season two. While this is exciting, it also raises some questions.

However, does this mean Lhong Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen will be returning in season two? What about Puifai Eye Siwapohn Langkapin and her friends? Inquiring minds want to know. The creators also told fans that they would be casting new characters, as well. Casting is set to occur quite quickly and is scheduled to take place later in February.

The first season was based on the first two novels in a trilogy series written by Mame. It is expected that the second season will follow the trajectory of the third book. While the books are not available in English yet, there is plenty of spoiler information floating around.

Based on this, if the show follows the book, the story will pick up seven years after season one ends. A younger man develops feelings for Type which causes Tharn to flip out. Little else is known at this point. Fans are musing over how closely the show will follow the book. How many new characters will there be? Nikki grew up way down in Australia but has lived in Los Angeles for the better part of ten years now. She got herself a degree in Journalism after high school and freelanced for various publications in Australia before moving to the United States.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

The TharnType cast: Why weโ€™re madly in love with MewGulf

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. It's Mild's birthday and what he wants for his gift is to see how long Mew and Gulf can go without touching each other. Are you Team Mew or Team Gulf?

This was probably the dumbest idea Mew had ever had. It had seemed a brilliant one at first, but that was before, before it had ever actually passed from an idea into speech.

Mew messes up at a fanmeet, hugging Gulf too close, and then tries to prove his self-control and restraint to Gulf in response. Mew is the head hazer at his university and is known for being the best. He meets Gulf by chance and they become close friends.

What happens when Gulf is made head hazer of his faculty and they meet in a competition? Gulf is remembering all the first times he had with Mew.

We like to go with him down memory lane and know what happened. He is waiting for Mew to come home and to kill some time he remembered how they met. The first look. Mew had never expected it to be like this After 2 years of being contented looking at his crush from afar.

gulf kanawut twitter

Talk to him, mostly just greeting him every time they met. But, because our Kana is sometimes careless, stupid and unlucky To his dismay, when his most awaited moment came, he accidentally confessed to the First Prince, Mew Suppasit, which ended up to be his crush best friend.

You'll regret! That one time Mew ordered flowers for himself and second time just to see someone, the third to see him again, and then the flowers never stopped coming. Gulf Kanawut was trying out his luck with the immensely successful singer Mew Suppasit. When the singer was open to a new manager Gulf did not hesitate to apply to the position as a hope to boost his career.

Little did he know that being the manager of Mew Suppasit came with a lot of baggage and Gulf had to carry each and every weight of it. Mew knew that he was fucked. Here he was sitting in a corner of the workshop area; hands occupied with the script of the second season of Tharntype, while his mind was clouded by the cute laughs and giggles that were coming from Gulf from the other side of the room.

Gulf was sitting comfortably at the other side talking and laughing with First Mew knew that they are high-school friends, but his jealousy was clearly getting the best of him and he hated it. Especially because of that stupid bet. I know you always get your way but not this time" Gulf said smirking. Gulf Kanawut is just starting at Chulalongkorn University, happy and spirited, even managed to make some friends. Of course, Gulf panics and prays furiously to every deity who can hear him that the esteemed, handsome and way-out-of-his-league Mr.

Suppasit will never ever find out. Luck, and his karma points, apparently run out when said man comes to Gulf's faculty looking for him. Drama ensues? Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. I Win You LoseIt was a few months ago when the BL community in Thailand became fascinated with the auditions for a certain drama series.

The latest drama is about Gulf and his girlfriend. If you are new to the BL world, then you have to be reminded that BL fans are very loyal and possessive and most often tweet and post about events outside the series. A phenomenon known as fan service is de riguer among the BL actors.

This has both positive and negative effects on the actors. An actor's love life is no one's fucking business. But since he is so popular people forget that they are already invading his privacy. GulfKanawut needs to be strong. Otherwise, they will eat him alive. While Psycho Milk has a policy not to focus on gossip and the personal lives of the actors we feature, it is important that we dwell into this issue for reference and to set the record straight.

As journalists, we want to get to the truth and a separate article is being prepared as of this writing to do our own investigation. Born December 4,Kanawut is new to casting and this is his first BL drama to date. What made. There were an instant buzz about him blushing โ€” that among the many who went for screen test, it was Gulf and Mew who made an impact in terms of chemistry.

Gulf Kanawut Congratulations 100k Twitter ๐Ÿ’œ

Of the 30 new faces in Thai BL hitlistwe singled out the actor as among the top Gulf Kanawut โ€” he was chosen to play Type in the upcoming TharnTypethe series. The role is a young guy who had previous bad experience with a gay guy, thus his role is confrontational with the other main character. Very photogenic and registers so well on the screen.

The drama is also generating plenty of buzz with the kind of intimate scenes that Gulf and Mew are acting out. There are also some serious issues being raised. So we will be able to see if Type will go ahead and have sex with the girl or remain loyal to Tharn.On the spotlight! Mos Saksitt appeals to me more from a male model standpoint.

His provocative photos scream for attention and that reason alone, why is he not in any BL series? Let me know if you got inside info on him! Gulf Kanawut has always been a top 5 personal bias.

We wrote his story before and we anticipate more from him in the second season of TharnType. Just learned that he is good friends with Bright and are blth passionate about football or soccer.

Toy Thanaphan has a striking resemblance to Saint Suppapong yet he is very much his own man. How viewers react to him is already interesting to note. Can anyone deny Ohm Pawat for glory, attention, and adoration? There is sucb positive glow that emanates from this guy!

Seng Wachit has been under my radar for quite sometime and he has massive sex appeal, apart from some noted comedic flair in Why RU. Can we get any updates soon? Pavel Phoom is more of a man than a boy, yet he maintains his boyish good looks but with a truly masculine appeal. How do we separate the man from the boys?

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Email required Address never made public.Mew Suppasit plays Tharn, an openly gay university freshman, and Gulf Kanawut plays Type, a complicated, emotionally confused, homophobic freshmen who end up sharing a dorm room with Tharn. So why are we writing about MewGulf instead of TharnType? Well, these two adorable young men from Thailand have certainly blurred the lines between fiction and reality a lot lately. It is common knowledge that fanservice culture in Thailand, especially with the BL industry, operates on a whole different level to what is expected in Western entertainment realms.

Initially, when MewGulf started promoting TharnType: The Series when it first aired, this was exactly what their promotional fan meets were like. So what is it about these two individuals that have the entire world spinning in circles?

In an interview with Thai Entertainment Portal TEP just three weeks after they met each other, Gulf Kanawut says he felt confident that Mew Suppasit would protect him on this journey they were about to embark on together.

The TEP interview can be found: Part 1 โ€” here. Part 2 โ€” here. Part 3 โ€” here. Part 4 โ€” here. Kanawut was constantly being hugged, picked up, carried around, wrestled with, groomed, and anything else that required physical contact, including taking naps together in random locations on set. There is an abundance of footage on YouTube of Suppasit guiding Kanawut through massive crowds, moving him away from anyone that seems questionable, and basically caring for his public wellbeing at all times.

Furthermore, this protective stance is also extremely noticeable when the two are giving interviews together. As Kanawut was new to the entertainment industry, his experience dealing with reporters was very limited.

gulf kanawut twitter

Now it seems, Kanawut has a pretty good handle of that on his own. While Mew Suppasit may have voluntarily stepped in to protect Kanawut at all costs, we all know it takes two to tango. Fans comment on his transformation often, claiming that he evolved from a shy, polite, quiet-spoken individual, to a brave, bold, giggly baby. There is plenty of footage around on YouTube from the early days.

He banters with Suppasit in front of crowds and reporters often. During these moments, Kanawut can often be found revealing personal information about their off-screen relationship in what appears to be a completely accidental manner.