Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages. To Save cars from your search results or vehicle pages you must first login. To Save a search to find the cars you like quickly you must first login. All four cars feature every mechanical modification made to the W1 sedans with the exclusion of the side skirts β€” the Maloo has a longer wheelbase and therefore different skirts β€” and quad exhaust outlets.

Wheels are 20 x 9. Enter Walkinshaw Performance. Even so, the process was expensive, as Walkinshaw must provide evidence that the W1 alterations meet the relevant standards. The four lucky recipients are a closely guarded secret, however, we can confirm one of the Maloo W1s is painted in Light My Fire goldanother is in XU-3 Yellah, the same hue as the original VS GTS-R, while a third is red and the fourth is either matte black or matte silver.

Nonetheless, while the Maloo W1 was not an official HSV program, kudos has to go to the company for allowing a limited run of these special Maloos to be built, cars whose stories will be followed for decades to come. By Tim Robson 12 Apr Iconic F1 team puts up historic fleet as collateral on a loan from Canadian tycoon Michael Latifi. By Tim Robson Photos Subaru's hot street sleeper was a fast way to fly under the radar.

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Facebook Twitter Google Plus Mail.Established in and based in Clayton, Victoriathe company modified Holden models such as the standard wheelbase Commodorelong wheelbase Caprice and commercial Ute for domestic and export sale.

However, in the early years, some retailed under the Holden brand in Australia whereas most cars for export other than in New Zealand and Singapore retailed under different names namely, Vauxhall and Chevrolet Special Vehicles. Since HSV has built an array of modified vehicles, most of which have been based on Holden models powered by either Holden or GM sourced V8 engines.

It went on to win the Bathurst race. HSV will begin converting Chevrolet Camaro muscle cars and Silverado pick-ups from left-hand-drive to right-hand-drive to GM's factory standards from the middle of The cars will be sold with a factory warranty via selected Holden dealerships.

To cope with the expansion, HSV will move into new premises, also in Clayton, in early It expects to eventually boost job numbers from to staff once production ramps up.

The Avalanche has been built over the following series:. The HSV Clubsport or ClubSport is a full size sports sedan that has represented the brand's highest volume seller since its introduction in It was based on the mainstream Commodore range and has been the entry-level HSV model except between andwhen that role was filled by the Manta range. InHSV introduced a higher specification known as the "R8". The Clubsport has been built over the following series:.

The Grange has represented the HSV brand's most top of the line, luxury offering to date. The Grange has been built over the following series:. With the exception of the Z Series, when it was not part of the range it was available by special order onlythe GTS has been built over the following series:.

Its distinguishing features have been high-performance V8 engines and full body kits. It is said that former HSV managing director, John Crennan, coined the name for the vehicle after reading a book on Aboriginal Australians. InHSV introduced a higher "R8" specification. This Maloo was originally limited to units, later increased to plus 10 for export to New Zealand.

The HSV Senator is a full size luxury sports sedan that was first introduced in It was based on the Holden Berlina and Calais twins. FromHSV offered a wagon variant based solely on the Berlina, since the Calais was never built in that body shape and a higher specification model known as the "Senator Signature". The Senator has been built over the following series:. The HSV W was a limited edition flagship based on the E Series, which was released to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary in It was also a car produced to address the public disappointment caused by HSV canning its ambitious HRT project previewed in Developed under contract to Holden, it was released in March Modifications were made to the standard Holden 5.

It featured an extensively modified version of Holden's 5.With the writing on the wall, so to speak, the team at HSV has been busy readying a swansong for the Aussie-made Commodore. They wanted something special, something collectable, something iconic. With the LS9 supercharged small block, it adopts the V8 Supercar-derived Supashock suspension, and is available only with a six-speed manual. Up front, all the necessary air intakes are contained neatly within a new black graphic.

The slot up top feeds the engine while the one down below flows through to the transmission cooler. The GTSR models also gain pumped front fenders for extra visual muscle.

These new plastic guards add around 35mm to the overall width and house wider, nine-inch front wheels.

HSV GTSR starts production as W1 sells out

But if you look at the likes of the M cars and RS Audis they use the greater stance to give them a more muscular front end and these new fenders have given us that. The new forged wheels are influenced by the rims of a GT3 racer with a waisted spoke design, and are said to be the lightest inch wheel HSV has ever offered. OK, now tell me about the W1 Alright then. The show piece of the MY17 range is the limited edition W1.

The first hurdle for the project was to secure a suitable engine. Stoddart says the LSA is maxed out within GM durability requirements, and so to gain more power they needed a better engine, which they found in the LS9. So why not go for the newer LT4 engine from the current Z06? And with the Eaton four-lobe rotor design spinning at a maximum of 15,rpm it sucks big time. The LS9 has a lighter rotating assembly so it spins more freely.

The innards include forged titanium conrods, titanium inlet valves, forged aluminum pistons with cooling oil jets, and a unique cam. With a redline of rpm, it revs rpm higher than the LSA. Making it fit required a new serpentine belt arrangement as the Commodore has no need for a power steering pump, and the oil tank for the dry sump lubrication had to be modified to fit.

The radiator is tilted back six degrees to make room for an over-the-radiator-type carbon fibre air box. Stoddart says some sections on the intake are just 2. The air is cooled via a 50 per cent larger heat exchanger than that fitted to the Corvette ZR1, as the W1 is a much heavier car.

how many gtsr w1 were made

HSV also designed a new stainless exhaust system with a ceramic coating and larger integrated cats for better gas flow. And they took the opportunity to recalibrate the bi-modal exhaust system, the new tune introduced to all MY17 cars. The next stumbling block was finding a transmission to handle over Nm of torque. It gets a new input shaft and uses the same gearset as the ZR1 which is designed to keep the LS9 spinning in its sweet spot.

There was a bit of rejigging to make it all fit with a ZF Sachs twin-plate clutch and solid flywheel. The fronts use an upsidedown monotube strut with internal rebound spring, though the mounting is modified. Internally, the dampers are the same as a V8 Supercar uses, while the spring rates are 2.Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages. To Save cars from your search results or vehicle pages you must first login. To Save a search to find the cars you like quickly you must first login.

The quickest, most powerful Australian car ever made was snapped up before HSV even confirmed its existence. Just of the supercharged LS9 V8-powered sedans will be produced as a last hurrah to the locally-made Holden Commodorea car that rolls off a Holden production line for the last time on October 20, Despite strong demand the number of vehicles being produced is constrained by supply of the 6.

HSV also wanted to ensure the car was produced in limited numbers to increase its exclusivity and, therefore, its appeal. That means more than cashed-up V8 lovers and Holden fans will be disappointed β€” some angry β€” at the prospect of missing out on the quickest, more powerful and most expensive car ever produced in Australia. He said there had been in excess of orders across the Australian and New Zealand dealer networks.

Jackson also said maintaining exclusivity was key to the project, something the brand has learned in almost 30 years of producing Australian V8 muscle cars. The original VL Walkinshaw was planned for units but demand meant another were added to the program. Those extras were a struggle to sell to the point where some were converted back to regular Holdens.

More recently Holden committed to building up to of the 7. Jackson said it would be up to dealers who they sold their allocation of cars to β€” determined by how many other models each ordered throughout the year. The prospect of missing out will no doubt leave some would-be buyers seething. However, some dealers only got one W1, something that has started a bidding war with some potential customers.

Even the dealers were selling them above retail. In decades to come Amoddio believes the significance of the GTSR W1 means it could be highly sought after, pushing prices up further. Over time they could potentially double in value. But he cautions against speculating on one saying there are significant ongoing costs above the price of the car.

how many gtsr w1 were made

They include insurance, storage and servicing. By Chris Thompson 29 Apr What Australian road signs really tell you. By Kellie Buckley 17 Jan There's a bit more to road signs than just telling you where to go, you just have to know where to look. Top 5 least powerful cars. By WhichCar Staff 14 Jan These pocket-sized city cars may be short power, but they're easy on the wallet and with differences in engine note, character, design and packaging, each has its own appeal.

Top 5 future car technologies from CES that are almost here. By Ryan Lewis 09 Jan The Consumer Electronics Show is a forward-looking festival of all things electronic, but what are some of the cooler things previewed at CES that are just around the corner?

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how many gtsr w1 were made

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HSV releases ballistic final Commodore-based range. On paper the 6. The LSA uses a 1. The LSA uses a conventional wet sump, but the LS9 is dry-sumped β€” which is better for track work where the engine experiences high g-forces. With a front spring rate around 2. Inside, the W1 comes with full diamond-quilted Alcantara seating upholstery. Instead, it sticks with the usual magnetic-ride adjustable set-up. The GTS-R also gets wider front and rear wheels, though with Continental tyres instead of the more aggressive Pirellis.

how many gtsr w1 were made

With just nine months of Aussie Holden Commodore production left, these last-blast hi-po modern muscle cars will no doubt be in high demand. The W1s are likely already close to sold out with pre-orders, while there is no production limit on the GTS-R sedan and ute. These supercharged 6.

Changes have also been made to the Bi-Modal exhaust system, with the valves now opening earlier in the rev range. By Tim Robson 12 Apr Iconic F1 team puts up historic fleet as collateral on a loan from Canadian tycoon Michael Latifi.

By Simon Major 12 Apr More laughs, more music, and most importantly, more car action. We've been called out - Carnage Plus episode By Simon Telford 11 Apr The Carnage crew have been called out! Fuel prices in Australia are now well below a dollar per litre.Since Holden Special Vehicles HSV has turned up the wick on Australian-made Commodore and Caprice models β€” and a handful of others β€” creating a niche performance range unlike any other.

Now, the end of an era is in sight. But instead of slinking off quietly into the night, the Clayton-based tuning house will go out with a bang, launching its most-powerful and best-handling line-up yet. Its aggressive body styling, carbon-fibre accents and outlandish performance β€” try kW and Nm β€” place the W1 in esteemed company, a fact set to remain unchallenged thanks to a build limitation of just units Yes, even with fatter tyres and launch control.

You can read more about the features and equipment offered in the GTSR range in our pricing story here.

The secret HSV GTSR Maloo W1s

W is for wicked! The wider front-end serves not only to house the LS9 powerplant, but also to deliver cooling to the radiator set back six degrees to accommodate the OTR carbon-fibre cold air intake and nine-plate air-to-water-cooled dry sump engine lubrication system. The four-lobe supercharger delivers 2. On the exhaust side β€” and in addition to the recalibrated bi-modal set-up and diamond-shaped outlets familiar to the balance of the GTSR range β€” the W1 features a ceramic-coated stainless steel system with integrated catalytic converter.

Too tough for two pedals With no automatic available in the GM parts bin to handle the output on offer, the regular six-speed Tremec TR triple-synchro gearbox required its own bespoke input shaft and unique close-ratio MH3 gear-set to handle the surfeit of torque. Clutch duties are handled by a mm ZF Sachs twin-plate set-up while the single-piece forged flywheel is exclusive to the W1 and rated to at least Nm.

Braking duties fall to AP Racing six-piston monoblock callipers constructed from grade aluminium. The rear discs measure mm on all GTSR variants. The brakes are the largest ever fitted to a HSV, the wheel specially sculpted to house the larger callipers. GTSR W1 models ride on all-new, five-spoke 20x9. The unapologetically firm set-up utilises linear-style damper pistons to deliver the lowest frictional losses of any commercially-available damper, and to give you an idea of just how firm the ride is HSV says the front coil-over alone is rated at 2.

The familiar driver preference dial remains. This controls traction and stability settings, launch control, torque vectoring, bi-modal exhaust and electric steering weighting.

Time to track it A couple of laps around the Phillip Island circuit may not allow for the most comprehensive look at the GTSR range, but it certainly gives you an idea of the horsepower and handling on offer. This is how the GTS should have sounded all along. The bigger brakes provide plenty of stopping power. The pedal stroke is ideally metered to track driving, and in manual models is set just right for heel-toe action into sharp turns, like Honda and MG. The GTS range was terrific to begin with, and enhancing the line-up for one last time has made a great car brilliant.

Rolling out of the pit lane in second gear the W1 takes little provocation to put on a smoke show, so it's little wonder HSV had a hard time locking down performance times! The W1 eats track quicker than any four-door sedan should have the right to, and pulls up just as effortlessly. The second lap is quicker again and the W1 has consented itself to a charge at the limits, the digits of the HUD rising and falling as if it were the on-screen telemetry of a V8 Supercars telecast.

And sadly, most of us will miss the chance to ever get behind the wheel. And I encourage anyone with the interest and the means to fight tooth and nail to secure one for their own.

This is Aussie muscle at its finest β€” and a fitting farewell to 30 years of very special vehicles. These Ads will be marked 'Sponsored'.

HSV GTSR W1 2017 Review

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Welcome to Australia's No. Editor's Rating.Holden Special Vehicles HSV will mark the end of local Commodore production with its most powerful, most expensive and most exclusive W1 model that starts its build program this month. The output is 5kW above the current GTS donor car. It will even get the Corvette's six-speed manual transmissionre-engineered to fit behind the new V8. But the introduction of the W1 means the limited-edition versions will be built with the LSA engine before being taken to HSV's specialist Clayton facility to be swapped for the LS9.

HSV will this month start building a small batch of W1s and then begin focusing on the standard GTSR line-up, while gradually incorporating the remaining W1s into production up to September.

For early adopters, it will mean quick delivery but others may have a five-month wait. The W1 adds carbon-fibre side vents and rear spoiler and while it shares the inch forged alloy wheels with the GTSR, it has a matte-black paint finish and track-ready Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo R tyres.

Both versions have mm front disc brakes and AP Racing six-pot calipers. HSV will fit the W1 only with the Corvette close-ratio six-speed manual, but the GTSR will be available with either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission.

HSV also started building its 30th anniversary commemorative range in January. Recent searches How to change a tyre Day trips Sydney Best small car Sorry, there are no cars that match your search. Trending articles. New Mazda BT to launch in ? New Kia Stinger coming in !


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