Two popular video gamers in black T-shirts posed as snipers wielding real semi-automatic guns at an outdoor range, blasting orbs of fruit and cups of deep orange liquid in ultra slow motion. In the days afterward, online followers from hardcore gamers to middle-schoolers on Xboxes ordered tubs of the stuff, the latest flavor of a powdered energy drink called G Fuel that is marketed as a secret sauce to enhance focus and endurance for virtual battles.

G Fuel and a competitor called GungHo are a new incarnation of energy drink, growing in popularity while the energy drink industry as a whole has been under scrutiny because of deaths and hospitalizations linked to consumption of caffeine- and sugar-laden beverages.

Traditional energy drink makers have also been playing to the growing gamer culture in some labels — Mountain Dew Game Fuel with extra doses of caffeine and Nintendo Power Up Energy Drink.

Gamma Labs, the company selling G Fuel, heavily promotes a Call of Duty clan including those would-be snipers in the video ad.

While major energy drink makers — including Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster — voluntarily agreed to stop marketing to children under 12 because of the adverse health effects publicly associated with them, a congressional report released this year excoriated those companies and others for continuing to target teenagers, whose brains and bodies are not yet fully developed.

The newer gamer drinks are sugar-free and vitamin-infused, but they often contain caffeine that rivals or exceeds that of some other well-known products, according to Caffeine Informera website that provides scientific and consumer information on caffeine levels in food and drink.

Marcie Schneider, an adolescent-medicine specialist in Greenwich, Conn. Schneider said. But business is still booming. In Melbourne, Australia, Finlay Sturzaker spent Australian dollars to order several tubs of a powdered G Fuel drink, only to have his father confiscate it, he said. The makers of the new drinks say they are natural, without chemicals.

They have so many chemicals.

is gfuel good for gaming

But caffeine and other stimulants remain central ingredients. While G Fuel and GungHo do not have the distribution of the big energy drinks, their products may soon become more widely available. Mason said. Morgan and Mr. Mason say the products are appropriate for teenagers and both let their children drink the products.

Researchers have documented a link between energy drinks and gaming. A study by researchers at the University of Minnesota found that boys who consumed energy drinks at least weekly spent approximately four more hours a week playing video games than boys who consumed energy drinks less often than once a week.

At the same time, the gamer culture is spreading more deeply into teenage life. Last year a year-old in Norway collapsed and fell into a coma after reportedly drinking four liters of energy drinks during a hour Call of Duty party at his school.Hitting the gym every night has become a routine that keeps her both physically and mentally fit.

Melissa is a professional streamer and a former Smite Pro League caster. As a female public figure, she not only works long hours keeping audiences engaged with Pro League matches or her streams, but she also deals with toxic behavior from fans. Physical fitness has become an avenue to deal with the resulting stress.

She has been spending her days well, nights streaming Smite to keep up with the fanbase she gained over the years in the game and also exploring new games like Rainbow Six: Siege.

Learning to play Rainbow Six is an important step to reach her ultimate goal, which is to transition her casting career into the game. Melissa says that making the decision to leave Hi-Rez was like taking a leap of faith, but she made the decision in order to expand her opportunities. Melissa, 26, began playing Smite while she was in college, at which time she was majoring in criminology.

She easily gained skill in the game and was soon thinking about a future in gaming. But so far, Melissa has found success in esports and is continuing to build her career. Like any job, a career in esports can be stressful. Melissa found relief and a new passion away from gaming when her boyfriend, Smite player Mattypocket, invited her to the gym. I was tired of feeling stiff. Melissa says being physically active does more than just tone your body, it affects your mental state as well.

According to WebMDthe endorphins released during exercise act to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and even improve sleep. I know I definitely have a tendency to lean in. The path towards becoming more physically fit and making it a habit begins with you.

You have to make exercise a priority and set aside the time for it. But starting out at the gym can be a daunting task. Melissa says she understands the struggle with getting started. A good start to working out can be as simple as doing pushups and situps at home. Beyond that, Melissa says the best way to prioritize your physical training is by separating muscle groups by day of the week.

Swear I felt like a fitnessmodel fr tonight after taking that first vid! Nothing beats getting a solid arms day in after taking 2-ish months off from upper body lifting to let my right pectoral irritation clear up.

Check out thebesttaco on Instagram for new workout routines covering all the muscle groups. Melissa likes to add variation to her workouts to keep it interesting, but it also helps train your muscles for strength rather than endurance. But when you are just starting out, Melissa says to try to keep your fitness routine simple. They tax their body too heavily and it makes their body miserable a few hours later, and then they can be out of commission for the next few days.

You can peep numerous sample packs gfuel. This article was written by Josh Billy, an esports fan living in Columbus, Ohio. Tags: fitness and gaming. Previous Post. Next Post. View this post on Instagram.The Far Side via Reddit.


G FUEL ambassadors like Terron Beckham are breaking the mold and proving that a love for gaming and fitness go hand-in-hand. Terron Beckham is a year-old content creator living in Los Angeles, California.

If his name sounds familiar, it could be because he made news headlines in when he was an NFL-hopeful trying out for the New York Jets. He also tried out for the WWE. It could also be because he shares a last name with his cousin, Odell Beckham Jr. Or maybe you already follow one of his social media channels.

Terron Beckham is a celebrity in his own right: he has K followers on Instagram and K subscribers on YouTube where he posts fitness content, and around 15K on both Twitter and Twitch. Terron Beckham is best-known for his weightlifting content. He began uploading videos four years ago and has created a content library containing hundreds of videos, with new ones arriving every few days.

Beckham acknowledges that his is a lifestyle many people wish they could have for themselves — getting paid to work out and play video games.

But doing it day after day can wear on you, and Beckham is still trying to grow his brand, despite the following he has already achieved after four years in the business. Beckham originally hails from Dallas, Texas where he was a star high school running back.

It was in high school when he began to excel in weight training, but his love for fitness started way before that. Surprisingly enough, Beckham says that gaming is how he got into fitness. Yes, you read that right. No matter how long it takes, always aiming for the top. Beckham was first introduced to weight training in junior high, but his experience in high school was on a different level. Terron Beckham is human: just like everyone else he sometimes lacks the motivation to hit the gym.

I just slap myself silly and get back [on it]. Keep the body happy and it will provide back for you. You just have to keep that in mind. The fitness lifestyle and the gaming lifestyle can exist in harmony. Eat right, stay hydrated throughout the day, make sure they get a good amount of rest. I would suggest getting good sleep, wake up, and go straight to the gym.

Usually, when I work out early, my days feel better. I feel some type of workout high, more energized. His favorite flavors? I had a dream to make the most out of what I do no matter how different it may seem or impossible people made it out to be.

Simple, easy, and basic. Navigating the content creation lifestyle gave Beckham the tools to expand beyond fitness and into his other favorite hobbies. Giving away 3 copies of ea starwarsfallenorder now on twitch come through.But for the rest of us, in order to be good at them, you need to be focused, alert, and incredibly good-looking!

G FUEL gets the job done! G FUEL can help you achieve sports greatness! Life in general can be hectic, demanding, unpredictable, and downright exhausting! Let us make things a little easier on you, shall we? Sugary energy drinks are a thing of the past. The idea of sub-par ingredients is ancient history.

The future is now. The revolution has begun. Yes it does! G FUEL works so well, it's trusted by people in all walks of life from all around the world. All of our products are made with natural ingredients. G FUEL is sugar-free, gluten-free, and packed with tons of antioxidants and b-vitamins. Like with any caffeinated product, moderation is key. At the end of the day, if you're still unsure whether or not you can drink G FUEL, just give us a call! We will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have!

We suggest starting out with 1 serving a day to see how it feels, and then increasing from there based on how much energy you need. Our recommended maximum daily dosage is 3 servings. LIFE Life in general can be hectic, demanding, unpredictable, and downright exhausting! When your Energy Formula is as amazing as ours, there really is no wrong time to fuel up. If a YouTube Legend like Roman Atwood can make the switch and join the clean energy revolution, so can you! And who uses it?What are the odds of winning with a deck featuring all of the Hour of Devastation Gods.

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This weekend we're in West Vancouver for a free show. Craig is also doing a show there with The Transcanada Highwaymen. Lots of Odds for Fredericton. We had some special guests out to add to the fun in the sun (and giant bathtub).

Nick Jones of Pointed Sticks sang. Dale Powers of the Dishrags was there. Vince Ditrich of Spirit of the West crooned a lovely "Spanish Eyes".

is gfuel good for gaming

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is gfuel good for gaming

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A little difficult not living in Stockholm, but again we figured it out and got it done. I could see that someone older might have difficulty with that. It was all a great experience, though.

G Fuel energy drinks big for teen gamers, but are they safe?

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is gfuel good for gaming

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