It is a viscous gel utilizing dimethicone, volatile silicone or isododecane as the diluent. The 3D crosslinked fine particles used for the emulsifier contain silicone chains and alkyl chains, two types of branches that are not involved in crosslinking.

Shin-Etsu Personal Care Silicones

The resulting gel exhibits high swelling properties in both silicone fluids and organic oils, expanding the range of choice for compatible base oils. The emulsifier also reportedly delivers vital active stabilization to antioxidant additives like vitamin C, allowing it to combine with UV filters to boost the effectiveness of SPF.

HOW TO FADE SURGERY SCARS - Thyroidectomy - Scar Care - Graves' Disease

This allows formulators to easily incorporate and stabilize vitamin C antioxidants. As the emulsifier contains all liquid ingredients and emulsifies with low energy, no high-energy equipment or heating is necessary in processing.

Because of its absorbability of organic oils, it can be added to cosmetic product applications to control the feeling of the finished products as well as to improve the application feeling on the skin.

The silicone powder helps with the stability of cosmetic products while enhancing the sensory benefits of the finished products such as a matte appearance, silky skin feel and soft-focus effect. It also is said to maximize specular reflectance, giving a matte look and masking fine lines.

The powder is highly transparent, giving a natural look. The powder offers swelling capability, is free-flowing and easy to incorporate.

It also can be used as an oil phase thickener that improves stability and does not agglomerate. It can be used in various cosmetic products to improve skin feel and adding functionality in applications such as anti-aging products, skin lotions and creams, anhydrous skin treatment serums, powder foundations and blushes, liquid foundations and creams, hot pour and mascaras.

With properties of a low 2cs centistokes viscosity and near-zero 0. The fluid diluent system has a higher flash-point than D5 and is therefore less combustible. The flash point is high enough that there is no need for processing concerns and it can be easily heated if necessary. Cold processing is made more simple using the derivative products, as they are often suitable for ambient, RT processing. Close Fill out my online form.KSGZ KSGZ is a polyether modified, emulsifying silicone gel that functions as a water-in-oil emulsifier where the oil phase can consist of mixed silicones and oils.

Shin-Etsu's KSG series consists of cross-linked silicone polymers that are combined with a silicone fluid or oil to form a gel. These silicone gels can be used as thickening agents for the oil phase, which can help with water-in-oil emulsion stability.

Products containing a hydrophilic group in the cross-linking portion can also be used as water-in-oil emulsifiers to produce stable emulsions. KSGZ is a polyether modified, emulsifying silicone gel that contains both silicone branching and hydrocarbon-based alkyl branching.

KSGZ shows outstanding swelling in silicone fluids and hydrocarbon oils; it functions as a water-in-oil emulsifier where the oil phase can consist of mixed silicones and oils.

We offer different products in the UK and Poland. Please choose the correct country. Oferujemy inne produkty w UK i inne w Polsce. Aston Polska Aston UK. Related Functions Emulsifier Silicone. Supplier Shin-Etsu.Personal Care Top. In the products of our KSG Series, crosslinked silicone polymers are combined with a silicone fluid or other fat or oil.

The KSG Series offers great variety in terms of the hydrophobic and hydrophilic components. Users can select the best product for their needs based on compatibility with the oil to be used and the desired feel. These gels were created by combining crosslinked silicone polymers crosslinked via the polyether chains with silicone fluid. These gels were created by combining polyether-modified crosslinked silicone polymers which feature alkyl chains in their molecular structures with a hydrocarbon-based oil.

These gels were created by combining polyether-modified crosslinked silicone polymers having two types of branched chains: silicone and alkyl with various oils. These gels were created by combining crosslinked silicone polymers crosslinked via the polyglycerin chains with silicone fluid. These gels were created by combining polyglycerin-modified crosslinked silicone polymers which have alkyl chains in their molecular structures with hydrocarbon oils.

Preparations made with these gels work easily into the skin. These gels were created by combining polyglycerin-modified crosslinked silicone polymers having two types of branched chains: silicone and alkyl with various oils. The KSG Series is a line of gels created by combining crosslinked silicone polymers with silicone fluid or other oils.

Those in which the crosslinking portion consists of silicone chains are advanced materials that function as thickeners for the oil phase, and can impart a degree of structural viscosity. Shin-Etsu produces gels that are compatible with a variety of oils and offer great variation in terms of tactile feel.

These gels were created by combining a crosslinked silicone with a 3D network structure with a silicone fluid. KSG can be used to increase the structural viscosity of the oil phase without big effect on feel. The types below have a thickening effect on the oil phase, provide the sort of smooth, silky feel unique to silicone gels, and have a matting effect on the application surface. Our diverse offerings include types that form thick, durable films, and other types with an exceptionally light, silky feel.

These gels were created by combining crosslinked silicone polymers having alkyl chains in their molecular structures with hydrocarbon oils. They exhibit high swelling in hydrocarbon oils and increase the structural viscosity of the oil phase.

They improve the stability of the preparation and can be used to create cosmetic products that are easy to apply and spread on skin and have a smooth feel.

These gels were created by combining crosslinked silicone polymers having two types of branched chains: silicone and alkyl with various oils. All Rights Reserved. Component A.Visit the website cosmetics shinetsusilicones. XB is a PEG-free, high shine, organic-compatible, self-emulsifying elastomer gel swollen in jojoba oil. The product is derived from natural ingredients. XB can be used alone as a sensory enhancer, a thickening agent for oils and emulsions, or as an emulsifier. The grafted alkyl groups allow the polymer to swell in natural carriers and esters.

Jojoba oil carrier further expands the compatibility to include more polar oils. The high shine nature of XB makes it uniquely suitable for anti-aging applications to add radiance and glow.

It is a versatile formulation vehicle to create an array of textures with looks ranging from matte to shine, and feel characteristics ranging from rich and moisturizing to light and fresh. Ambient processing is the norm when ingredients do not require heat. Low energy processing is preferred provided there is good mixing; low energy homogenization is acceptable but not necessary.

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This paper outlines the design and execution of an optimal soiling removal strategy for this challenging work; utilising collaborative, practice-based research. The conservation treatment employed was derived through an iterative process that reflected and supported the conservation decision-making process. The research strands included: technical and art historical investigations to determine the materials and construction of Whaam!

The range of cleaning systems evaluated included free-solvents, gels and emulsifiers; which were documented using star diagrams, digital microscopy and infrared spectroscopy. After a rigorous process of assessment and refinement, the strategy taken forward to Whaam! Modern and contemporary painted art can prove challenging with respect to the removal of deposited soiling from paint surfaces, and particularly so for works of art that are displayed unglazed.

Furthermore, the use of mixed-media or several paint types in one artwork can demand the tailoring of approaches to cleaning. Conservation treatments carry considerable risk around key aspects such as surface integrity and authenticity, and interactions with the painting surface can involve unacceptable pigment pickup, paint swelling, uneven soil removal and gloss change.

Over the past decade, research efforts have contributed to the evaluation and refinement of cleaning methods for unprotected painted works of art, resulting in a more nuanced approach and lower-risk options for soiling removal. Part of this has involved the refinement and tailoring of cleaning approaches to specific paint types and the introduction of novel systems for use on these often unpredictable and challenging paint surfaces. This study aims to contribute to this ongoing endeavour through; the characterisation of the paint types present in Whaam!

The supporting research is presented as iterative stages which directly reflect the conservation treatment decision-making process, alongside a detailed account of the treatment carried out. The work is painted on a commercially primed cotton canvas using three different paints [ 2 ].

Bocour Magna acrylic solution, oil-modified alkyd and drying oil; as inscriptions on the back of both panels reveal. Tate purchased the painting in from Leo Castelli New York and despite an initial controversy surrounding its acquisition [ 3 ], Whaam!

Roy Lichtenstein, Whaam! Footnote 2 Bya smooth, almost homogenous layer of glossy, yellowed, greasy and particulate material had deposited onto the painting surface, resulting in significantly compromised visual impact. The white areas appeared a light brown-grey, the brighter colours were uniformly dampened, and numerous subtle features of the paint surface, such as gloss variance, pencil lines and brushstrokes had become obscured. Along the edges of the two large canvases, as is commonly noted with large, unframed works from this period, finger marks and scuffs were also apparent Fig.

In an interview held in with Jo Crook [ 4 ], Lichtenstein revealed that he was aware his paintings attracted dirt. Footnote 3 Whilst Lichtenstein was not necessarily interested in the technicalities of dirt removal, it can be assumed from these encounters that he did not welcome the changes caused by permanent dirt deposition.Cotto and Golden Boy Promotions made overtures to some of the bigger names in the sport, including welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr.

After those options were exhausted, the offer was extended to Ali. The 29-year-old heads into the biggest fight of his career, riding a three-fight winning streak since his knockout loss to Vargas in March 2016.

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His most recent fight was July 29 against Johan Perez on a "Golden Boy Boxing on ESPN" card, winning by unanimous decision. While anything can happen once Cotto and Ali step into the ring, the consensus in boxing is this will be a Cotto rout. Ali's never faced anyone in the same league as Cotto, and he needs to have a once-in-a-lifetime performance to be able to pull off the upset.

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There are a couple of intriguing bets to wager if you want to go the unconventional route and, in the process, win some good money. Here you go:Steven Muehlhausen is an MMA and boxing writer and contributor for Sporting News.

You can listen to his podcast, "The Fight Junkies" here. Ali betting odds, fight predictions, expert picks SPORT Former four division world champion Miguel Cotto (41-5, 33 KOs) steps inside the squared circle for the final time in his Hall of Fame career as he defends the WBO junior middleweight title Saturday against 2008 Olympian Sadam Ali (25-1, 14 KOs) from Madison Square Garden in New York City (HBO 10 p.

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New Emulsifying Crosspolymer Gel Delivers Sensory Enhancements

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What was different about this Windows Trojan is that in addition to infecting Windows computers, it also scanned for vulnerable IoT devices and then proceeded to infect them with the Mirai IoT botnet code. This means that if a Windows computer infected by this Trojan, is connected to the networks inside the corporate firewalls, the Windows computer will start to scan for and infect all those vulnerable IoT device behind the barriers which were previously believed to be safe from attackers.

These resources are in almost all cases, NOT protected against DDoS attacks originating from the inside and are therefore very vulnerable against this kind of attack.

Silicone System for Stability, Functionality and Sensory

Botnet DDoS malware and traditional Ransomware malware also started to cross-pollinate in 2017 as the attackers realized that DDoS attacks against network infrastructures can be far more devastating than infecting end-user computers. This has however happened without considering the security aspects and the attackers are now busily taking control of these devices, using them against their owners for monetary gain.

The Windows Mirai Spreader was a game changer, opening the door for infecting IoT devices inside corporations and using them to launch attacks against vulnerable resources inside the corporate perimeters. However, a network which is designed and secured according to network security best practices using segmentation, monitoring, DDoS mitigation and stateless security devices will be able to detect and mitigate these attacks.