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Hareline Economy Standard Bobbin.Skip to main content Fishing Lure Making Kit. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. I purchased this kit awhile back and just got to trying it out. It was really neat to make my own lures. The molding process was easy once I got started.

The decals are a little tricky to stick on but the second and third ones go much better than the first. I hope to paint some of my own patterns and try them too. A good deal considering the cost savings over buying lures at the local sports warehouse. All in all, a fun way to spend time while the 49ers got stomped. I gave a couple to my friend and he says they have been working good for him and wants his own kit. Add to cart. In Stock. Nothing but good things to say about this product.

Had great success with it ice fishing, you can build a wide variety of lures with this if you are willing to get creative. Can also be done as a project with kids to get them excited about fishing. I ordered an additional set after my son and I had such a good time putting a number of lures together.

Only 5 left in stock - order soon. The product arrived VERY quickly, so very happy about that. I like the product and I'm happy with everything I received. It says that this kit comes with wire for wire through lures in the description but no wires were in my package.

This leaves me upset that now I need to go through some process I wouldn't need to go through other wise in order to receive everything that as promised. Will promptly change to 5 stars if this issue is resolved for me. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. This item is exactly what I wanted.

Currently unavailable. This is great set of small to medium sized lures. It would make an excellent gift for someone who is just starting off fishing.

See All Buying Options. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Deister south Fl. My son loves fishing and does so on all his free time. He asked for this kit for xmas and I got it for him. He totally loved it!! Molds are way too small. Curing takes forever unless you had a multi cavity mold.After purchasing a lightweight canoe that fits on top of my car and spending most of the the summers of and fishing, I decided to expand my hobby by trying my hand at making some fishing lures. This is how I went about doing it!

This is a great idea to pass some time during long, cold winters if you have them and don't ice-fish. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Don't be alarmed, most of the specialty tools are cheap, and most people have tools they could substitute in.

Tools List: Power drill Various drill bits Coping saw for precision cutting Roofing knife Knife for whittling multitool Tape measure Sharpies fine and wide tips Sandpaper coarse and fine grit Pliers or vice grips Small paintbrush Superglue of some kind waterproof if possible Materials List: Wood of your choice I used a 1"x1" piece of pine from home improvement establishment Large popsicle stick or shim of wood from craft store Paint I used craft paint-its gonna be clear coated Wood sealant Use polycrylic!

Figure out how big you want your lure to be. Muskie action? Or maybe some largemouth bass? Big lures equal big fish I went for average size, about 3 Inches. I don't have a lathe yet! I made it easier by cutting off the 4 corners of the rectangular block, lengthwise see above pictures to thin out the lure. I decided to go for a cigar-shaped topwater lure, so I whittled the ends cone-shaped. A lathe would be much faster, and you could make dozens of blanks, of various shapes and sizes.

I plan to do this very soon as winter is approaching! Use the coarse sandpaper to smooth out the roughness of the whittling and finish with the fine sandpaper to make a good painting surface. Also helps the lure run straight and true in the water.

I had the crazy idea of adding small wings in the back of the lure to help the lure not spin wildly during the retrieve as my first iteration did. I haven't seen a lure with this feature so I figured it would make my creation even more unique!

I cut a small piece off the end of the popsicle stick and cut that piece in half.Sure, you might save a buck or two making your own lures. You might even make a buck or two selling them, plenty of guys do that. Knocking out a few handmade lures is easy.

And almost anyone can do it. I reckon lure making is the fishing equivalent of home brewing, but without the hangover. But there are thousands of other options.

Lure Making

Look for something easy to carve, light weight and resistant to denting. You want some good news? You probably have everything you need already, or can probably get your hands on the stuff easily. If you want to see how easily you can make awesome lures with just this kit, go take free Crankbait Making class watch how to do it in the video tutorials.

If all you care about is catching heaps of fish, then aerosol cans are fine, or even hand painting with a brush. But if you want to impress fishermen too, an airbrush becomes important. Rotary tools eg Dremeldrill presses, bandsaws, scrollsaws, lathes, and sanding machines are also handy.

A through wire is one of several different ways to add a two point the bit you tie your line to and hook hangers the loops your split rings and hooks swing from. A through wire is a single piece of wire that runs right through a wooden lure body from one end to the other. The main advantage of a through wire is that no matter what happens to your lure body, you get to stay connected to the fish.

There has always been two camps when this question gets argued around the campfire. Like politics and religion the easiest way to avoid a fight is to keep your ears open and your mouth shut! On the one hand, there are those who reckon a screw wire is the only safe, strong way to make a wooden lure.

Or that a toothy fish might chop your lure in two and make a getaway. Only big, ugly fish that give you bragging rights for years do that. And losing one of those because a lure I made with my own two hands just fell apart is a gut-wrenching thought. Like turning up for a hot date with Claudia Schiffer, only to find she brought a chaperone.

Hopes and dreams dashed in an instant. There are times when a through wire is definitely mandatory hardware. Or for the razor gang like mackerel or wahoo.

LineThru PullBait - One Day Build to Catch

Oh, and one last thought. In lure making circles there is often a perception an unfair one, I think that through wired lures must be higher quality that those made using screw eyes. By weighting your lure bodies correctly you can get a stronger action, can work the lure over a wider range of speeds and cast it further.

I often make my own weights that fit the drills I use. But small ball sinkers, split shot, ball bearings or pieces of brass rod can also be used to weight lures too.I was told all was fixed. Then when they came out to do the install everything was wrong. I have done away with them and I am now paying more with DISH but would rather pay more than to deal with DirecTV and all of their lies. Helpful 2 people found this review helpful Theresa of Toledo, OH Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec.

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lure making

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Fishing Lure Making Kit

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lure making

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lure making

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Building Your Own Fishing Lures

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lure making

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