Microsoft Office training is a free source of learning Office courses. Follow these steps which are given below to create a result sheet. Bold your text and then fill it by your own information as given below.

Sum function is use for adding of value and the last think of this function is F5:L5 is the area of values that we want to add. F5:L5 means F5 cell to L5. In this column we will find the minimum no of paper that what the minimum mark is. Drag it below. This was our topic of the day I hope we like it.

Hello, Thank you for this lecture. It s bn long I ve bn itching to learn this. And you present it so simple. Hi there again, How can the individual student's report sheet be generated from this excel sheet? Post a Comment. Microsoft Office training. Home About. Pages Home. Make a Result sheet in Excel How to make a result sheet of students.

Result sheet. Posted in: Microsoft Excel. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Pst D says:. April 29, at AM Reply. Unknown says:.

May 4, at PM Reply.Control color, size, shape, detail, text, and tooltips for marks in the view using the Marks card. Drag fields to buttons on the Marks card to encode the mark data. Click the buttons on the Marks card to open Mark properties.

On the Marks card, click Colorand then select a color from the menu. This updates all marks in the view to the color you choose. All marks have a default color, even when there are no fields on Color on the Marks card. For most marks, blue is the default color; for text, black is the default color. From the Data pane, drag a field to Color on the Marks card. For example, if you drop a discrete field a blue fieldsuch as Category, on Color, the marks in the view are broken out by category, and each category is assigned a color.

marks card format

If you drop a continuous field, such as SUM saleson Color, each mark in the view is colored based on its sales value. For more information, see Color Palettes and Effects. On the Marks card, click Sizeand then move the slider to the left or right. The size of your data view is not modified when you change marks using the Size slider.

However, if you change the view size, the mark size might change to accommodate the new formatting. For example, if you make the table bigger, the marks might become bigger as well.

From the Data pane, drag a field to Size on the Marks card. When you place a discrete field on Size on the Marks card, Tableau separates the marks according to the members in the dimension, and assigns a unique size to each member. Because size has an inherent order small to bigcategorical sizes work best for ordered data like years or quarters.

Size-encoding data with a discrete field separates the marks in the same way as the Detail property does, and then provides additional information a size for each mark.

For more information, see Separate marks in the view by dimension members. When you add categorical size encoding to a view, Tableau displays a legend showing the sizes assigned to each member in the field on the Size target.

You can modify how these sizes are distributed using the Edit Sizes dialog box. When you place a continuous field on Size on the Marks card, Tableau draws each mark with a different size using a continuous range. The smallest value is assigned the smallest sized mark and the largest value is represented by the largest mark. When you add quantitative size encoding to the view, Tableau displays a legend showing the range of values over which sizes are assigned.

On the Size legend card which appears when you add a field to Size on the Marks cardclick the drop-down arrow in the right-hand corner and select Edit Sizes. For more information about legends, see Legends. In the Edit Sizes dialog box that appears, make your changes and then click OK. The options available depend on whether the field being applied to Size is a continuous or discrete field. For Sizes varyclick the drop-down box and select one of the following:. Automatically - Selects the mapping that best fits your data.

If the data is numeric and does not cross zero all positive or all negativethe From zero mapping is used. Otherwise, the By range mapping is used. By range - Uses the minimum and maximum values in the data to determine the distribution of sizes.

For example, if a field has values from 14 to 25, the sizes are distributed across this range. From zero - Sizes are interpolated from zero, assigning the maximum mark size to the absolute value of the data value that is farthest from zero.Support and information can be found on our Covid support page.

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VTU BE Sample Marks Cards from 1st to 8th Semester

How do credit cards work? How to transfer a credit card balance Find out more about transferring a credit card balance. Using your credit or debit card abroad Find out more about using you credit or debit card abroad.This is where you would enter your school and class information.

In such scenarios, weights are assigned to each test and final marks are calculated based on those weights. This template accommodates that set-up. The template is very flexible. If you do not have the need to calculate final marks, please choose No in the drop down menu as shown in the image below. This would make sure that the final marks will not be displayed anywhere in the template.

You can choose up to 12 subjects.

Prepare Result Sheet in MS Access - How to Prepare Result Sheet in MS Access - MCQ Sets

Please make sure that the subject names are unique. This allows the teacher to understand how the class is performing in that subject. Please do you have the Premium Excel Template for Report card.

I need a template that can handle more than 12 subject. This was really useful to the the work I am doing. Will the template work for more than 12 subjects. At present, this template can handle up to 12 subjects. We might have an enhanced version in the future.

Please share the complete name of the sheet. You can download the same from their respective web page. Your email address will not be published. PURPOSE The purpose of this template is to automate creation of student report cards and provide meaningful academic performance information to teachers and instructors, with minimal effort.

I believe this would be useful for schools and other educational institutions, conducting tests or assessments for their students. This is where you enter the student names, their roll numbers and the marks they scored in each subject in each test. This sheet automatically adjusts based on the number of tests and subjects you have entered in the Settings worksheet.

Enter Maximum Marks for each test. This is crucial for calculation. This view presents the overall performance of the class and highlights areas of opportunities. Everything is automatically calculated and is ready to print. Subject with the least average in each test is highlighted with dark orange font. This allows easy identification of the relatively weakest subject for the class. Number of students failed in each subject in each test is also calculated and highlighted.

Highest marks in each test is highlighted in dark green font. Choose a student from the drop down menu and this view presents the performance of that student in all subjects across all the tests. Placeholders are provided for signatures from school principal and class teacher.

This sheet can be printed and handed to the students. I hope you find the template useful. Please share your feedback on whether the template captures the requirements of your scenario.

How to Use the Marks Card in Tableau

I can make the necessary changes so that the template can be used by as many people as possible. Task Manager Excel Template v2.Like Like.

marks card format

If you want as early as possible, then go to VTU Belgaum, and they will give you on the same day. VTU will send your marks cards to your college, so first check in your college for your marks card.

Hi, I had kinda lost my 1st semester marks card,can anyone suggest what procedure i should follow up to recieve it. How to calculate aggregate in VTU??

If you could tell me complete procedure as i am confused!! Please help. Hi, I just got my final sem results and i have a backlog. Is there any immediate exams to clear it or do i need to wait for another semister?? I m 07 batch guy. I completed my degree by I still had one exam.

I cleared it too. I know this web site gives quality depending articles or reviews and other data, is there any other website which provides such things in quality? He did not get his 8th semester marks card. Suresh Jonna. I am compleated my BE and i had a back logs in 7th sem and i cleared it.

Now i need my 7th and 8th sem marks card urgently. Is possible i can take my consolidation marks card before getting my 7th and 8th sem marks card? Or else i can get 7th8th sem marks card and consolidation in a same day if i go directly to the vtu belguam.? If possible what is its procedure.? Or tell me one suggestion to solve my problem. Can any one please suggest me How to get single marks card for the 8th sem BE for the year of ? I had my 8th sem exam in may last week.

I wanted my 8th sem marks card.Click here Add any types of Fee e. Print the Receipt of Miscellaneous Fee. If you want Attendance Automation System then you can use this Management. For this You will need the I. We all know, preparing a CBSE RESULT, whether it is for terminal exams or final, is very time taking, focused and responsible job, not for teachers but for the school too, especially to declare an error free report in every respect.

Thank you for your interest in our Softwares and Solutions. For Proposal of Softwares and Solutions please fill out this form. Toggle navigation. Our software is very user friendly.

At a same time all users can access the software from anywhere within school at offline basis. On internet users can securely access the software from any computer, laptop or mobiles outside the school. Advantage : Our software install at your own school's computer, so no need to worry about data misuses or service discontinuations compare to cloud based softwares where these risks can arise anytime.

Student Management. Add Multiple Students Record via Excel. Manage "Transfer Certificate T. Manage "Name Stuck Off N.

Manage "Student Promotion". Search Student Record. Add Multiple Staff Record via Excel. Update the marks with direct software "Enter Marks" button or download the excel format. Print "Exam Admission Latter" of Students.

Consolidated Reports and Graph. Result Register. Add Book Issue Records. Assign Rights to Teachers and Staffs. Create Class wise Test.

marks card format

After the Test Update the marks of Test. Add the Registration Recod of New Students. Add the Records Visitors. Print the Date wise Visitors List.

marks card format

Students all Academic Data will automatic update. Students Exam wise Complete Marks Report will automatic update. Students Subject wise and Overall Graphical Performance will automatic update. Students Attendance will automatic update If you choose the attendance option. Student Class Test Marks will automatic update. Holiday List will automatic update.By Molly Monsey, Paul Sochan. In Tableau, the Marks card provides you with control over how the data is displayed in the view.

The options on this card allow you to change the level of detail as well as the appearance of the marks without affecting the headers built by fields on Columns and Rows. Take a look at the Marks card drop-down menu. You can select the type of mark that you want displayed by choosing one of the options from this list. In most cases, you will want to leave it set to Automatic and let Tableau decide on the best Mark Type for your visualization.

The Marks card is also where you can change the Mark properties with different options depending on your selected Mark type. Clicking on a property will bring up options to customize the marks even further.

Control the Appearance of Marks in the View

In many cases, more than one field can be used for a given encoding option — if you wanted both Sales and Profit as labels, for example. But if you want to add a second field to the Color control, you need to hold down Shift as you drag the field onto the control.

The Size and Shape controls can only have one field added to them in a view. By default, Tableau displays a tooltip when you hover the mouse pointer over a data point in the view. You have the option of editing both the content and the appearance of the tooltips. To do so, click the Tooltip control to display the dialog box. Molly Monsey joined Tableau in as a technical product consultant. She and Paul Sochan work together to lead the Tableau training team.

Today she recruits, trains, and supports instructors who educate Tableau users all over the world. The training team he built with Molly Monsey develops all Tableau training offerings. Paul has been in the Business Intelligence space since How to Use the Marks Card in Tableau. Related Book Tableau For Dummies. Use the list to choose the mark type. Click an encoding option to customize. You can edit tooltips.