Most of the times just because of some loose cable, a lot of people having this black blank display related problem. The good thing about discrete graphics is that it can be easily upgraded when you are in need of modifying your computer system. So, just remove one more screw and you are good to go. Or in case, if you still get the problem then the problem is related to something else and you can troubleshoot it out by moving to next solution.

Most of the times the graphics card just only need a proper cleaning to make a proper physical connection between the motherboard to work properly. Suggested Links:. After that, you can try to Turn ON your computer and If it boots up normally, that means your computer is having an issue with one of the extra internal hardware parts which you need to check. You can do it by checking every hardware parts which you disconnect one by one by connecting it back to its place and that will help you to find which one is actually creating the problem.

In that case, you can remove your CMOS battery and try to start your computer again.

On the Motherboard

Most of you people will fix your problem by using this step. So, the best thing what you can do test your PC, just use your CPU on some working motherboard which do compatible with your Processor. Good points about smps. It is very important part of the computer. Thanks for details. We are into computer and hp laptop service and it is very useful for me and our service team.

Please guideis it VGA issue or board issue? My motherboard fans and cpu are working but not show no signal message. What is the problem about this?? I have an industrial PC based cnc machine which is having some problem i with power supply There is no display on the crt monitor, but only a horizontal line is seen. LED light are glowing inside the cpu, but further there is no action seen.

I have cleaned the ram, removed all the hardware that was installed and refitted the same, but having the same problem. Bro pls help me. And monitor keep saying entering power save mode. Alrdy done check cable and ram. Hi Anna in my system when power supply is given only front led light is glowing the fan in the mother board and the fan in the power supply is not running please give me help Anna.

Hi, my processor is not heating up and there is no display. I did not dare to start it without the processor fan infact i check whether the back side of motherboard where the processor is attached is heating but it is cold and no signs of heat. Hard disk is running and cmos battery is new. No idea what is causing this. Pc was working untill i shut it down few hours ago.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. Get the plugin now. Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in.

To view this presentation, you'll need to allow Flash. Click to allow Flash After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Title: Motherboards. Description: Because the motherboard determines function, expansion, and stability for the whole PC 3 pts D.

Terms for Types of Motherboardspp.

motherboard problems and solutions ppt

Tags: motherboard motherboards. Latest Highest Rated. Core Hardware Exam Expectations Goals on p. In a given scenario, determine when and how to upgrade system components in conjunction with a motherboard Recognize common problems associated with motherboards and their symptoms, and identify steps to isolate and troubleshoot the problems.

Given a problem situation, interpret the symptoms and infer the most likely cause Identify the most popular types of motherboards, their components, and their architecture bus structures 4 Chapter Goals A2 Explain how motherboards work Identify the types of motherboards Explain chipset varieties Upgrade and install motherboards Troubleshoot motherboard problems 5 B. Terms for How Motherboards Work, pp. Term Definitions Trace Copper circuit paths called traces that resemble a complicated roadmap carry signals and voltages across the motherboard.

Term Definitions cont. Form Factor The form factor of the motherboard describes its general shape, what sorts of cases and power supplies it can use, and its physical organization.

Chipset Chipsets provide the support for the processor chip on the motherboard. The Intel BX is the dominant chipset in the non-Apple personal computers. The chipset is the heart of the computer since it controls and determines how fast and which type of processor, memory, and slots are used.

Read How Motherboards Work, pp. Answers cont. Why is it essential that you know motherboards? Because the motherboard determines function, expansion, and stability for the whole PC 3 pts 15 D. Terms for Types of Motherboards, pp.To browse Academia.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Dahunsi Quadri Wale. So is advisable to trim the startup items. Checking the Startup tab and Manufacturer columns is the best way to figure out which potential performance-killers you can safely disable from start-up.

N : B ; Avoid messing with any of the services and programs that have Microsoft Corporation listed as the manufacturer.

But Hardware problems being hard to diagnose and solve, it will be advisable to update all of your critical system drivers such as motherboard, network card and graphics card drivers. In most cases it is caused by running a program with intensive memory being more than what your computer can handle or even viruses, especially spyware that has been installed on your computer.

The problem can also be caused by hardware — at times if you just install some memory or recent software updates for example a Windows Update. So, If you suspect the problem is hardware related, you can try uninstalling any component you recently installed, or try removing or unplugging unnecessary hardware one piece at a time then booting your PC to see if the problem goes away.

You can also try using Windows Restore to roll back to a previous restore point. Usually it is due to the fan being dirty or develop a fault but on other occasions it can be due to the hard drive or other components. If the noise is coming from other sources of hardware aside from your hard drive, you may need to visit a computer engineer. So simple as ABC, try this simple trick that work like magic and save that your hard earning.

Download file. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up.Learn how to troubleshoot some common PC motherboard problems. The motherboard is the computer, so the usual symptom of a failed motherboard is a completely dead system. Fans, drives, and other peripherals may spin up if the motherboard is dead, but more often nothing at all happens when you turn on the power.

No beeps, no lights, no fans, nothing. If you think you have a dead motherboard, think again. The most likely cause of a dead system is a blown fuse or breaker at the wall receptacle. If you're certain the system is getting power and you have just installed the motherboard, it's much more likely that you've neglected to connect a cable or made some other basic error than that the motherboard itself is bad, assuming of course that the problem motherboard is a highquality product.

Many online vendors have stopped accepting returns of "bad" motherboards for just this reason. As it turns out, about 19 of 20 motherboards returned as defective are perfectly good.

10+ Most Common Computer Problems and Solutions: How to tell if they’re Hardware or Software

The buyer simply didn't install the motherboard correctly. Even so, many upgraders choose to buy their motherboards from a big-box store or other local source, because of their generally better return policies.

In fact, some people troubleshoot their systems by buying a motherboard locally and then returning it if the motherboard turns out not to be the problem. We think that's unethical, but as any vendor will tell you, it's common practice.

Most name-brand motherboards, particularly those made by Intel and ASUS, are of very high quality; cheap motherboards, including those used in most consumer-grade mass-market systems, are of very poor quality.

In a shipment of motherboards, it's unusual to find even 1 DOA. In a shipment of cheap motherboards, it's not uncommon to find half or more DOA, and many of the remainder failing soon after they're installed.

In a working system, it's very uncommon for a high-quality motherboard to fail other than from lightning damage see Computer Power Supplies and Protection or other severe abuse.

In particular, it's nearly unheard of for a motherboard to fail while it is running, as opposed to when you start the system. A dead system is more often caused by a dead power supply than a dead motherboard, so the first step to troubleshoot an apparently dead motherboard is to swap in a known-good power supply.

If the system remains completely dead with a known-good power supply, it's likely that the motherboard is defective and must be replaced. It's not uncommon for a motherboard to fail partially. For example, an ATA interface or the embedded video, audio, or LAN may stop working, while the rest of the motherboard functions appear to work normally.

It's possible to work around such partial failures; for example, by disabling the failed function in BIOS Setup and installing an expansion card to replace the failed embedded function. We recommend against this practice, however, because a partial motherboard failure is often soon followed by a complete failure. Each time a system boots, the BIOS boot screen appears momentarily.

While this screen is being displayed, pressing a designated key runs the CMOS Setup program, which resides in firmware. Some motherboards replace the standard BIOS boot screen with a logo splash screen. Display the standard BIOS boot screen on such systems by pressing the Escape key while the logo is visible. For example, two motherboards may use the same chipset and BIOS, but one may give users complete freedom to configure chipset options, and the other allows users access to only some of the settings and uses hard-wired values for other settings.

All BIOSs default to a reasonable set of settings, one that allows the system to boot and function normally. Beyond that, it's up to you to choose settings to configure the system as you want it and to optimize its performance. Some BIOS settings are obvious things like time and date, power management, boot sequence, and so on.

Others, particularly those segregated as advanced settings and chipset settings, are anything but obvious. The brief help descriptions provided with them are usually not much help unless you already understand the issue.

The primary rule here is if you don't understand what a setting is for, don't change it. That's easy to say, but it ignores the fact that accepting default settings for obscure options can result in a PC that performs significantly below its potential. PC and motherboard manufacturers differ in how "aggressive" they are in choosing default settings, particularly those for such things as memory timing. Those that tend toward slower, more conservative default settings say, with some justification, that they cannot predict what components particularly what speed and quality of memory a user will install.

Choosing conservative settings allows them to be sure that the motherboard will at least work, if not optimally.We are here again to give you some interesting and important tips about computer.

Among most of us faces some wired problems while using computer. How can you know that which problem occurs for which part? If you know what type of problem is this than you can solve it easily or you can call respective customer care. It will save your time and money also.

Computer performing slowly is a dual problem. Either it will happen for your hardware or software. It could be happen because of many program runs in your pc or the shortage memory of ram. So for this type of problem you have to find is there many programs run at a time in your pc or the ram memory is short.

Computer keeps restarting is also a dual problem. It may be happened because of windows update or antivirus problem. Or it can be your motherboard, graphics card or network card drivers. If there is no problem with windows or antivirus than it should be caused for hardware.

This is happening mainly for software issues. May be the drivers are not working properly. You can also check the ports. Because sometimes ports are not working properly. So for this open the plug and inject it again.

Hope it will work for you. If it is not working than it must be driver problem. How can you identify that is it caused for hardware or software? It is easy to say.

If one app is not working as your command than it is a software problem.The computer processing unit within your PC or Laptop is truly amazing. It is known also as a microprocessor because it undergoes three steps to process information and makes calculations for the computer user. It gathers data input from your instructions, decodes it, accomplishes the task outputand then writes this output into the computer's memory.

motherboard problems and solutions ppt

This is a continuous cycle with vast amounts of data processed remarkably each second. It is all aided by a quartz crystal called a "clock" which synchronizes the processing. With all this intricate and complex technology, there is much that must be synchronized for your computer to function properly. Should you ever have a problem with your CPU, rather than rush it to a costly repair shop, there are some steps that you can follow to diagnose a problem and possibly repair your CPU yourself.

The problem could be as simple as a component not seated, or it could be a software "glitch". A list of CPU problems that may arise and the steps to fix the problems will be presented here. I hope that you just may be able to save time and a costly repair bill for you, too.

Was this helpful? Although there are quality assurance checks during the assembly process, it is possible that there was an error along the way during your computer's construction. With all the many delicate parts to any computer, especially with all the pins and connectors involved, a mistake could easily have been made and missed.

Advertisement Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help 2 Loose or damaged component - If your warranty has expired, there is much you can do to identify the problem with your CPU or other parts.

There are many components, such as the CPU, that are seated or inserted, and one may be loose. Before you open your computer, so that you do not zap components inside, you must touch a metal surface that is grounded or wear some form of static electricity SED protection. You will have to physically check to see if your CPU is properly secured on the motherboard. It will immediately report the origin of a malfunction with colorful warning signs. You can then arrange hardware properties with the Device Manager.

Was this step helpful? This can especially happen to a Laptop with its sealed components in a compact case.

motherboard problems and solutions ppt

If you modified your computer to operate at higher processing speed than the original setting by "overclocking", your desktop is also more prone to overheating. If overheating is the cause of your computer problem, you will need an external cooling fan for your Laptop.

For your desktop, you will need a higher powered heat sink. There is software available that you can use to monitor the temperature of your computer's components. You should have your computer set to receive driver updates.Motherboards have a reputation for being finicky to troubleshoot, however, which keeps some PC enthusiasts fearful of ever touching it.

Not to worry though, because five of the most common problems that you can run into while upgrading your motherboard can be fixed. All you need is a little patience. There is a main topin connector, and a second 4-pin connector hidden away by the processor socket, though the 4-pin may instead be an 8-pin, particularly on mobos built with overclocking in mind.

Many people forget the second connector. Make sure both plugs are fully seated, and properly matched with the correct power supply cords. In some cases, your computer may not even get through POST a self-testing mechanism employed by PCs during boot-upor even turn on.

Potential culprits include the processor, video card, and RAM. Improper seating of the video card and RAM are the most likely sources of your problems, because issues in those areas are easy to overlook.

Then, give it a firm downward push, just to be sure. The RAM slot has two plastic wings that should snap over the sides of each stick of memory.

Motherboard NO Display Problem Solution in Hindi 100%

The pins and the slot on the processor and motherboard must be properly lined up. Motherboards are filled with capacitors and soldered connections that route data and power from one part of the board to another.

These exist because the motherboard can short if it makes contact with other metallic components. A failure to pass the POST process is the most frequent symptom, but the other situations can occur even if only occasional contact is made between the motherboard and the case.

Examine how your motherboard is installed. Also, check that all internal wires are properly shielded with a rubber or plastic exterior. Connecting the power button can be difficult. Unlike so many other motherboard connectors, which are designed to make improper installation impossible, the power button connector usually is labeled only with plus and minus symbols.

Lining these up with the plus and minus printed on the motherboard should be easy, except most motherboards print their labels in hilariously small text. Motherboards ship from the factory with a BIOS or UEFI operating system that can handle modern hardware, but any hardware released after it ships is not guaranteed to work. The fix to this situation is simple, but a bit frustrating. Install it, and then try installing your new hardware again.

Learning to handle them is an important skill for any PC builder.

motherboard problems and solutions ppt

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Troubleshooting a Computer Motherboard

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