I will also share some resources that I found useful during my preparation. Here I will not be explaining the technical concepts.

Those should be figured out by you on your own. OSCP preparation, lab, and the exam is an awesome journey where you will experience lots of excitement, pain, suffering, frustration, confidence, and motivation where learning will be constant throughout the journey.

The OSCP certification will be awarded on successfully cracking 5 machines in Where one machine will be for exploit writing and which holds maximum points, while the others will be for enumeration, exploitation, and post-exploitation. To practice various attacks and approaches, you will be given access to an online lab which has 55 machines of different versions of both Windows and Linux.

Once you are confident in your pentest skills after practicing in labs, you can take the exam. If you are not a newbie in Pen testing and aware of buffer overflow exploitation, you can skip this section and start enrolling. Check out various videos on YouTube on basic concepts such as port-scanning, web application testing, etc. Sometimes research on simple concepts will give good ideas on enumeration, for e.

Metasploit is a very powerful tool and it is necessary for all the pen testers to know how to use it. Especially the Metasploit post-exploitation modules. Refer to the following links:. Usage of Metasploit in the exam is limited to only one machine, but still, you can practice it in labs to know about the tool in depth.

oscp exercises

Buffer overflow is a very important concept you should practice. Because, if you are good at exploiting buffer overflows, you are sure to get the maximum point machine in the practical exam.

The following steps will make you not only understand the concept of a buffer overflow, but you can also do it by yourself. What is Buffer Overflow? After watching this video, you will get an idea on the concept behind buffer overflow.

Also, will increase your urge on learning buffer overflow. Assembly language primer by Vivek Ramachandran. Just go through the first 2 videos in this video series. That is enough for understanding the memory layout. Buffer Overflow Megaprimer by Vivek Ramachandran.

oscp exercises

In-depth video of buffer overflow where its explained in a very detailed way. Exploit Research Megaprimer by Vivek Ramachandran.I have specialized in security for about 4 years.

In that time I have done vulnerability detection, analysis and remediation for networks of up to 3, hosts.

I have personally conducted a few penetration tests and also acted as a defender during red-team engagements. At the present, my day-to-day job is the management of several security teams. I would say most of my experience and training has been in Incident Handling and Red-Teaming. I can hack together my own scripts in a few languages with the help of google and not put forth too much effort.

Work paid for 90 days of lab time but I managed to knock everything out in 60 days. With a baby on the way I wanted to get my certification done before my wife entered the last month of her pregnancy.

According to my OSCP log the videos and exercises took me about 40 hours. I would do the exercises and do your lab report appendix at the same time. The grading rules for OSCP has changed as of 31 May and you can only receive five points for your lab and exercise report. Five points may not seem worth it but it will get you comfortable with creating a format and workflow for your exam guide. I spent about 43 hours in the lab and in that time I managed to break into 19 boxes, so I averaged 2.

I did look on the forums at times to see if my attack vector was correct or if I was going down a rabbit hole. I used metasploit for two really easy, very obvious boxes in the very beginning and as I spent more time in the lab I shied away from metasploit completely, I very rarely used meterpreter.

I would say leftturn was probably my favorite box. For me, the biggest takeaway from the labs was understanding the depth or difficulty I was expected to understand. To be completely honest I never felt completely ready because I had no idea what to expect on the exam. I scheduled my exam for 10am and worked for a full 24 hours.

In that time I ate lunch, took a shower, walked around outside a few times, did some stretching and drank two energy drinks. I was able to root three boxes and get limited shell in about 14 hours and really struggled after that. In hindsight I should have slept for about six hours and spent another four going at it, I think I would have been better off.

I highly recommend you sleep during your exam and take breaks. When I started I felt overwhelmed and rushed but I found out that there was no need to feel that way. A lot of people wonder myself included if they are ready to tackle OSCP.

When Did I Feel Ready? Exam I scheduled my exam for 10am and worked for a full 24 hours. It allegedly fixed the crashing issues that keepnote has. During my lab time I was very organized and methodical but I probably let my nerves get the best of me.

Take a breath, stay on task, and stay organized. There is plenty of time! One host will take a while but the output is fantastic and very thorough. Super loud, I would never use this in a real pentest if I was concerned about stealth.

NOTE: This tool has some autopwn features to it. Knowing what your tools do is very important! I used this for the majority of OSCP, not stealthy either. He adjusts the box for himself but there is a lot of great stuff he does in there.Start your free trial.

This is a well-recognized certification for information security professionals that touches on hacking techniques that are being used in pentests today. They also show themselves to be well-versed in finding vulnerabilities due to software or hardware flaws or configuration mistakes. OSCPs can be the go-to individuals in infosec because they are problem-solvers and analytical thinkers.

This sector, as OffSec states, was born out of the belief that the only way to achieve sound defensive security is through an offensive approach — i. Putting theory into practice is where the OSCP really shines, and it is also what separates it from other certifications.

Exam takers will need to apply various tools for pentesting within the Kali Linux operating system and learn how to work with different kinds of exploits, all while documenting any vulnerabilities in the lab exercises. This can help you earn an extra five points in the exam.

It is essential for professionals to document all they can during the time being connected to a system that detect weakness and identify areas for improvement. In fact, test takers will be required to compose and submit a real-life pentest report of all the activities in the lab.

oscp exercises

This means that the candidate will not only have to prove technical abilities but also the professional communication and proper documentation skills that are a requirement for the majority of IT roles.

A great feature of this certification is that OSCP holders do not need to re-qualify. However, anyone who is found engaging in any unethical practices such as cheating on the exam or divulging test material will have their certification revoked and receive a lifetime ban from any future courses or offerings by Offensive Security. Another interesting aspect of becoming an OSCP is that Offensive Security does not require its students to maintain their certification status by earning continuing education credits periodically or by paying an annual fee.

The OSCP certification challengers learn to put themselves in the shoes of an attacker by using the same tools and techniques that they will later apply to defending applications against real-world attacks. The exam lasts 24 hours to prove that the candidate has the right degree of persistence and determination to be successful in this role. During that time, the professional is exposed to real world, hands-on penetration testing on an isolated VPN exam network with five victim hosts.

This is to demonstrate their ability to successfully defend a system. Once the tester has completed the exam, it is important he or she follows the submission guidelines. However, no digital versions of the certificate are issued, as successful candidates will be mailed their credential proof. Possession of a current certification can also be verified by emailing a request to orders offensive-security.

The OSCP credential is becoming a respected and sought-after designation within the information security realm, thanks to its unique way of testing applicants that really targets their technical ability. Unlike many other related certificationsOSCP is truly percent hands-on, so it is extremely valuable to employers looking for professionals who not only have a solid theory background but the practical skills necessary to identify weaknesses in their IT environment.

Any person in IT security that would like to step into the world of ethical hacking or advance as a penetration tester could benefit from the OSCP certification.All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Sign In or Register.

oscp exercises

Sign In Register. September in Other Security Certifications. Hey everyone, So I am planning to enroll for the OSCP course from 9th October and am currently brushing up on few tools and methodologies mentioned in the syllabus. Learning Buffer Overflow exploit, have fairly decent linux skills, have sourced few automated scripts from the internet and github namely SecuritySift, JollyFrogs, onetwopunch, Pillage, LinEnum etc.

My labs might start 9th October - 60 days lab not yet made the payment, credit card issues and am planning to work on at-least VMs from the VulnHub site and then go for the labs.

I will try to 'root' most of these VMs while simultaneously reading different walkthroughs and different methodologies to understand different scenarios. I do not want to waste my time on documenting exercise reports and would prefer to directly target the labs so that I would learn more. Want to give days max for the exercises and videos which are fairly not much. Also I might keep on bumping this thread if I have more doubts as I want to be at an optimum level before I attempt the labs.

September The course walks you through how to do the exercises so obviously you should use those methods with screenshots and procedures. I am not sure what 5 points you are talking about Security Certification Roadmap. Ah interesting The tools they show you in the exercises are pretty standard and frankly I would lean towards using those and avoid any auto-pwn tools.

Definitely avoiding metasploit and other automatic tools as I want to tackle and clear the 24 hour juggernaut after the end of the labs.

I have also gone through those enumeration scripts to know what exactly they do and only then I start using them. I'll go through those materials once I get them a month still left but until then I am sharpening my skill sets required to boot-root-loot those lab machines. You may choose to include more than 10 machines in your report, however this will not provide any additional points to your final exam score.

Sign In or Register to comment.The point of this resource is to discover and establish just how difficult the OSCP, and we ask those that have passed it.

How to Prepare to Take the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Exam

The end result is that the professional that has passed OSCP has clearly demonstrated their ability to be presented with an unknown network, enumerate the targets within their scope, exploit them, and clearly document their results in a penetration test report which is also a requirement. The fact that you can pwn machines under a strict time limit shows that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to hack into machines and systems. Furthermore, another major benefit of passing the OSCP is that increasingly recruiters are requesting that candidates pass or have the OSCP cert, especially for roles that are aimed at Penetration Testing.

We also have the same resource on advice from professionals that have passed the CEH. Cybersecurity Expert. Stick to the easier machines first — if a challenge seems too hard for you for a while despite your best efforts, it probably is. Also, gather as much information as possible.

In my opinion, the buffer overflow machines are easiest. Less luck, more logic. Python definitely helped with the exploit development part of the course. Security Consultant at Maticmind S. Ethical Hacker Infosys. Senior Security Engineer at Crypto. Be VERY disciplined about time management. Security Engineer at Klarna. Hands-on practice. Theoretical knowledge is not enough and the more lab time you can get the better. The OSCP labs are great. Hand On practice is a must.

Give dedicated time to exploit each machine in different Lab networks and increase your skillset to do Python scripting along with that. Senior Penetration Testing.Those new to OffSec or penetration testing should start here. This online ethical hacking course is self-paced. It introduces penetration testing tools and techniques via hands-on experience. PWK trains not only the skills, but also the mindset required to be a successful penetration tester.

To learn more about the updated modules and get answers to some frequently asked questions, see the announcement blog post. OSCP is a foundational penetration testing certification, intended for those seeking a step up in their skills and career.

Points are awarded for each compromised host, based on their difficulty and level of access obtained. You must submit a comprehensive penetration test report as part of your exam. Reports should contain in-depth notes and screenshots detailing your findings.

This exam is proctored. The OSCP certification is well-known, respected, and required for many top cybersecurity positions. Certified OSCPs are able to identify existing vulnerabilities and execute organized attacks in a controlled and focused manner. They can leverage or modify existing exploit code to their advantage, perform network pivoting and data exfiltration, and compromise systems due to poor configurations.

Completing the hour exam demonstrates persistence and determination. An OSCP has also shown they can think outside the box while managing both time and resources. This course is designed for information security professionals who want to take a serious and meaningful step into the world of professional penetration testing. This includes:. PWK is a unique course that combines traditional course materials with hands-on simulations, using a virtual lab environment.

The course covers the following topics. View the full syllabus. OSCP Review. Enroll Now. Location: London. Prove Yourself. Live Classes! The official OSCP certification course.

All-new for New Modules Active Directory Attacks PowerShell Empire Introduction to Buffer Overflows Bash Scripting Labs: 3 dedicated student virtual machines Windows 10 client, Active Directory domain controller, Debian clientmore shared lab machines New target network to facilitate a hands-on walkthrough demonstrating a complete penetration testing exercise Extra mile exercises. Download the Syllabus. Course includes a hour exam.

Learn ethical hacking tools and techniques. Gain access to a virtual penetration testing lab.

OSCP Course & Exam Preparation

Earn your OSCP certification. Thanks offsectraining for the fantastic course. Never give up, never surrender, and always try harder. Final destination worth every hour spent. Those long nights, dozens of miscellaneous articles, months of an actual practice - all of this made this experience unique.My hunger for knowledge and my odd craving for challenges that push me to my limits have remained insatiable.

Proving something to me is important, as are establishing my InfoSec credentials. Offensive Security Certified Professional OSCP is a certification program that focuses on hands-on offensive information security skills.

It consists of two parts: a nearly hour pen testing exam, and a documentation report due 24 hours after it. OSCP is a very hands-on exam. Taking the course is mandatory for you to become eligible to take the OSCP. In addition to the knowledge you gain from the course, it opens doors to several career opportunities in information security. Of course, those who pass get bragging rights too. If you ask OSCP-takers about the difficulty level of the exam, you will get varied answers but most people say that it's the most difficult exam they've taken in their lives.

This is why it is critical to prepare well for it. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of preparing prior to the course. Time to get your hands dirty! After reading up and reviewing on the topics above, you can apply the things you learned with these:. I hope my suggestions will help you in your OSCP journey.

A Detailed Guide on OSCP Preparation – From Newbie to OSCP

If you have questions or need any help you can reach me via Twitter blad3ism. Twitter: blad3ism Blog: bladeism. We use cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

Security Essentials. What is the OSCP certification training? How hard is it to pass the OSCP certification? These will help you spot clues for privilege escalation. Brush up on them! This will help you to automate redundant tasks.

OSCP: Questions about Lab + Exercises (optional reports) and other questions

Also, practice bypassing web security filters for injection attacks. Metasploit Framework — Brush up on creating payloads with different formats, using multi handlers, and using staged vs non-staged payloads.

OSCP Preparation Guide and Tips

Knowing these things will save you some time during your exam. File transfer - It is important that you know the different techniques to transfer files to a target machine. Aside from those topics, these books will also come in handy: Kali Linux Revealed - To freshen up your Linux Fundamentals. This book covers almost all the aspects of what the OSCP entails.

The book covers web application attacks from attacking access controls, application logic, and application servers.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation 2 nd Edition - This book covers deeper knowledge about penetration testing. After reading up and reviewing on the topics above, you can apply the things you learned with these: OSCP Like vulnerable machines list by abatchy Over The Wire: Natas - It focuses on web application challenges.

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