When most people think about eggs, they think of the traditional store-bought white or brown eggs. Keep your Easter Egger chickens and all other chickens in your flock healthy by having a first aid kit prepared. Learn what you need to include in a chicken first aid kit with my FREE chicken first aid kit checklist! This post contains affiliate links.

To view my affiliate disclaimer, click here. Everyone has seen how pretty brown eggs can be, but have you seen how pretty blue or green eggs can be?

When people refer to Easter Egger chickens, there are actually several types of chickens that they can be referring to. Prairie Bluebell Eggers also lay beautiful blue eggs. All of these breeds of chickens are known for being extremely docile and hardy breeds, which makes them excellent candidates for people interested in backyard chickens. If handled frequently when they are young, these docile breeds can be kid-friendly and will follow you around as you work outside.

The breeds that produce these Easter eggs are medium-sized birds, weighing right around pounds. These medium-sized birds will cost you less in feed. These two eggs are massive! They would probably require their own size category. And to think they came from a medium-sized bird! If you are considering getting Easter Egger chickens, click here to read how you should prepare for chicks.

Some hens will lay eggs that are sky blue, turquoise or teal, while some will lay eggs that are sage green, pea green, spring green or even hues of pink. Each bird will only lay one color egg, so if you want variety in the shades of color, plan on having multiple hens. Green eggs laid by Easter Egger chickens. Look at all of the shades of green! Did you know that it takes the average backyard hen about hours to produce an egg?

Hens create eggs from the inside out, starting with the yolk and finishing with the shell. All shells begin white and are dyed inside the hen with pigments to create the different colors.

The coloring of the egg takes about five hours. This basket of eggs is gorgeous with all of the different colors. This is done by crossing a green or blue egg layer with a chocolate egg layer. Between the different types of colored egg layers, there are endless traits in the birds themselves. Ameraucanas and Araucanas are both bearded breeds. They have small tufts of feathers on their faces that make them look like they have a beard. Many of the cross-bred chickens that have one of these two breeds in them will be bearded as well.

Here is an Easter Egger rooster and hen. Notice the beautiful colors and patterns they have. This Easter Egger hen has a dark chocolate-colored beard. Some hens will have green legs. This can range from a pea green to a willow green color.

These birds lack a coccyx, which is the tail of the bird and where tail feathers are attached. The Cream Legbar is an extremely popular chicken breed in the United Kingdom, but is pretty rare in the United States.

Legbar owners describe these birds as having huge personalities. They are very curious and friendly.Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Reviews New items New comments Latest reviews Search showcase. Gallery New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Prairie BlueBell Egger Sort by reaction score. Thread starter iamtrinat Start date Jul 8, Oct 16, 6 1 Hi all! I purchased this beautiful Prairie Bluebell Egger via Hoover's Hatchery the first week of March, so right at 4 months old now.

I'm beginning to wonder if I have an imposter in my hen house. Would anyone care to take a guess on it s gender? Since this is a "new" crossbreed, I can't find much in the way of reference.

Sep 26, 21, 48, 1, Central New Jersey. You have an Easter Egger cockerel. Brahma Chicken said:. AumDawn In the Brooder. Aug 4, 7 31 Hi all. I am new to this forum and new to chicken keeping in the last year ,I've been lurking around reading for awhile.

I also aquired a prairie bluebell egger in April of this year, actually I had 2 but the other wandered off into the woods and never came back! I've been googling about trying to find more pictures of what this bird looks like as an adult rooster or hen and am having no luck, I'm wondering if anyone here has any updated pictures they could share of their prairie bluebell eggers and if you know what you've got as far as gender.

Anyway, attaching a picture of what I have. I've been told it's a roo, but it's got very rounded looking feathers where pointy saddle feathers should be and still has no comb or waddles, nor does it crow lol. The one very long tail feather is damaged and I've just been waiting for it to fall out.

Apr 25, 2, 2, Carroll county, Maryland. AumDawn said:. View attachment View attachment FireGal Chirping. Aug 27, 55 86 Northeast Arkansas.We hope you enjoy our selection as much as we enjoy acquiring and raising these beautiful breeds for your backyard flock! Visit our website or give us a call to place your order! The original ancestors of the Andalusian came from Spain, but British poultry fanciers are believed to be the ones to really perfect the breed.

The Andalusian is most well-known for its striking blue plumage. The ground color of the Andalusian is slate blue with each feather being laced with darker blue. Their large red combs and wattles and white earlobes truly make a stunning and beautiful bird. They have an active disposition and are known to be excellent foragers. The males will develop a large, full tail at maturity along with long flowing saddle and hackle feathers. They are very prolific egg layers and, like all Mediterranean breeds, can handle hot temperatures well.

This breed hatches black, blue, and splash coloring; there is no guarantee what color you will receive. They feature rich, brilliant red plumage, yellow legs, and a pea comb.

They are good egg layers and grow fairly rapidly. Buckeyes are hardy and resist frostbite very well, thanks to their small comb and wattles. Due to their Malay ancestry, they are very rugged and excellent foragers. They have an easy-going demeanor and are not inclined to be flighty. The Buckeye is the ultimate combination of beautiful plumage, utility, and hardiness for the backyard flock.

The Cochin is an ancient breed originally from China. When they first arrived in the United States they were immensely popular and were used to develop many American breeds such as the Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red.

Although originally prized as a meat bird, Cochins today are primarily bred for exhibition. They have a docile temperament and are very cold-hardy thanks to their abundant, loose-fitting plumage.

Prairie BlueBell Egger

The hens are also wellknown for their broody instincts and mothering ability. They come in several beautiful plumage colors including Buff, Blue, Black, and Partridge. Midnight Majesty Marans.

The Midnight Majesty Maran has black plumage with feathered feet. Deep browns show up through their down feathering underneath, making them a mix of beautiful dark brown and black plumage. This breed will lay dark brown eggs and will lay a lot of them! You will truly enjoy this breed in your backyard flock and its dark eggs in your egg carton! These hybrids perform well in many different climates. Our Olive Eggers come from a couple of different crosses.Please enter a comma-separated list of email addresses.

By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more. We want to ensure that we get your order shipped as soon as possible, so we have temporarily increased our minimum chick and bantam quantity per breed and sex to 5. Our minimum per order is still 15 chicks and 20 bantams. This breed was created by crossing Araucanas and White Leghorns, this creates a chicken that lays a large quantity of eggs that have blue shells.

The Prairie Bluebell Egger is an active bird that is very good at foraging. They are lightweight and do not eat as much as larger breeds. Plumage color varies considerably among individuals, so you can count on having a great variety of beautiful color patterns.

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Our Prairie Bluebell Egger lays a novel blue egg but produces higher quality eggs than a pure Araucana.

Prairie Bluebell Egger Chicken

This breed was created by crossing Araucanas and White Leghorns, this creates a chicken that lays a large quantity of eggs that have blue shells. The Prairie Bluebell Egger is an active bird that is very good at foraging. Minimum Pre-Order Quantity is 15 chicks. If you would like to order less than 15, come in-store to special order. They are lightweight and do not eat as much as larger breeds.

Plumage color varies considerably among individuals, so you can count on having a great variety of beautiful color patterns. Bagged Dog Food. Canned Dog Food. Dog Food Brands. American Natural Premium. Blue Buffalo. Born Free. Connolly's - Red Mills.

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prairie bluebell egger

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prairie bluebell egger

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Prairie Bluebell Egger

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Prairie Bluebell Egger Eggs

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prairie bluebell egger

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